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    Hey [wlm_firstname], let's talk about writing emails for a second....more specifically, how to THINK about approaching them before ever writing a word. Watch these 4 short videos and it'll clarify how to properly think about sending email updates, newsletters, and autoresponders.

    PART 1: Why you should not make your emails look like everyone else’s newsletter:

    VIDEO 2: How and when to use an “Ethical Bribe” to get people to signup for your newsletter:

    If you’re gonna use an autoresponder you have to have people subscribed to your email list. So to get people to signup, sometimes you can give them a little incentive to join. This is called an Ethical Bribe. You know how you see people offer a free ebook or video in exchange for your email? That’s what an ethical bribe is. I use Ethical Bribes on SOME websites, and sometimes I don't. Here's what you need to understand these Ethical Bribes:
    Personal Blog Welcome: 1st-follwup-thumb-nevblog "Wantrepreneur" Concept: 1st-follwup-thumb-blueprint Teaching Copywriting: 1st-follwup-thumb-kopywritingkourse

    VIDEO 3: A sneaky trick for your emails that will do three things:

    1.) Give you good feedback. 2.) Get you "email whitelisted." 3.) Have customers tell you EXACTLY what they need help with and are willing to pay for. Here's some real examples of P.S.’s to use at the end of your emails: This one has worked for me shockingly well! People enjoy the novelty of it even years after my tons of voice in emails changed: Here’s an example that gets people to tell me exactly what they’re having trouble with, and what they’re willing to pay for. Modify it to your own industry: This one has been put on multiple autoresponders I’ve made, and worked pretty well: This one doesn’t get people to respond, but it prepares them to lookout for the next email which is super-helpful:

    VIDEO 4: An idea of how to write endless emails:

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