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    Idea Vs Action

    It's always better to be Action Guy than Idea Guy:

    Idea Guy Vs Action Guy
    Anyone can come up with some pretty awesome ideas...but ideas alone don’t really mean very much.
    Greatness requires action.
    That’s the big difference between your average dreamer and the big success stories.
    Dreamers stay locked inside their own heads. They often don’t want to start actualizing the idea without a perfect plan in place.
    They’re stuck in a weird limbo - the more time and effort they spend planning, the more pressure they create to make things perfect the first time around.
    They’ll either take it really personally when things don’t work out….or, even worse, that fear of failure will freeze them into total inaction. Idea people can spend years doing nothing but dreaming.
    Action-takers, on the other hand, just get started. They rip through rough drafts, crappy prototypes, and clunky versions, learning from each step and improving the next iteration.
    There’s a lot less pressure on action-takers because they view their project as a constantly evolving thing. They expect (and value) criticism because they can measurably improve the product right away.
    This isn’t just a business thing - it’s true in pretty much any profession, skill, and creative pursuit, from art to sports.
    If you want to create great things, get out of your own head and start taking action.

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