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      This course is a must-buy for everyone who is constantly emailing prospects and wants to learn the ropes of the copy writing skills. I specially learned from the part where Neville took the time to write emails in real time and demonstrated how anyone can write amazing emails in no time.

      -- Anant Singh

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      I really enjoy and admire how much valuable content you put out and the fact that you are a copywriter w/ ethics (referring to the time in office hours a few weeks ago where a guy had a scammy landing page about curing depression and you just flat out said it made you uncomfortable and you didn’t want to coach on that particular topic). That was awesome. Most of the copywriters I know work on projects like that (curing diabetes, depression, cancer, etc.) so it’s really admirable that you use your highly valuable skill ethically.

      --Eric Southwell - Supreme Optimization

    • kat.jpg

      Thank you again for the great Kopywriting and Autoresponder courses.  Although I’ve been writing copy for years, they’ve been great inspiration for fresh ideas. I’ve been showing my clients some of your awesomely irreverent work and it’s helping convince them to try some new things too.

      Today we dropped a fun new white paper to help our clients and prospects prepare for vampire attacks!  

      "Thank you and I’ve already forwarded it to El Paso. You are a genius. Thank you.”

      --Katherine Chalmers

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