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    Do you have a question you want answered on the next Klass Kall?  Ask it here!

    Klass Call Schedule (block these dates out)!

    2-19-2015, Thursday, 8pm Central Time (CST)

    2-26-2015, Thursday, 8pm Central Time (CST)

    3-05-2015, Thursday, 8pm Central Time (CST)

    3-12-2015, Thursday, 8pm Central Time (CST)

      More info about the live calls:
    • The live calls will be recorded if you miss them.
    • Feel free to post your questions in the form above.
    • The calls will be 1-hour and have awesome information. Take notes.
    • If you absolutely don’t want to use Google Hangouts for some reason, the calls will be shown live on this page during live times.

    Week 1 Klass Kall Recording (2-19-2015):


    Week 2 Klass Kall Recording (2-26-2015):


    Week 3 Klass Kall Recording (3-05-2015):


    Week 4 Klass Kall Recording (3-12-2015):

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