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    I liked college, and recommend anyone go, but it wasn't very good at teaching me real-life applicable skills. My classes on business taught me concepts, theories, general advice.  But NEVER any skills I could apply directly to my own business. In fact, it was ME, bottom-of-the-class-Neville-Medhora who knew more real life skills for a business than anyone else in those college classes.  Why? Because on my own time, I learned how to:
    • Build websites.
    • Make a product people wanted, and sell it at a fair price.  I even made several hundred dollars selling the notes I took in my marketing class over PayPal!!
    • Use Photoshop.
    • Setup systems like Wordpress and ShopSite to sell stuff through.
    • Hire contractors to outsource work to (for stuff like programming I couldn't do).
    • Learned some basic marketing principles through trial and error.
    • The list goes on.................
    Years later, I discovered I was reasonably good at teaching people.  Since I myself wasn't a very smart person, I would have to break down complex problems into VERY SMALL PIECES to understand them. This need of mine made it easy to teach others....since I was naturally good at simplifying information. Turns out I was rewarded for this ability when I started making online courses. I would pump out one after the other, and people would buy each-and-every-single one!! (which proved I wasn't just ripping people off and they were truly learning from each course). I made this simple formula to live by:
    [For this much money] + [You will learn] + [In this much time]
    I thought this formula helped me make a super-damn-concrete vision of what each course should be, made them easier to sell, and most importantly: It felt like a fair trade of money and information. So for something like the KopywritingKourse, the formula was:
    [For $69] + [You will be writing higher converting copy] + [In two hours]
    I modeled every product I did after this very simple statement. Now my previous courses all had one thing in common: You took them at your own pace.  By yourself. This works really well for some products, but some lessons need a teacher AND a class. You need a teacher because they can expertly correct you on the spot. You need a class so you can see the successes and failures of your classmates. So for this reason, today I am officially launching the AutoresponderKlass!! This is a Klass that will last one month, and by the end of the month, you will have a fully functioning email collection system that captures emails which systematically "warms up your customers" while you sleep!!  (this is what people refer to as a "marketing funnel"). Click here to see what you get with the AutoresponderKlass --> When you signup:  You get access to videos I made to show you the in's and out's of an autoresponder.  Some people are more advanced than others, so you can pick and choose which sections of the Kourse you watch.  By the time you watch this Kourse, you should be up-to-speed on why you need an autoresponder on your business, how to physically make one, and some tips and tricks to implement. Week 1 (5-5-2014): I'll be showing you exactly how to write the crucial first email in your Autoresponder sequence. We will share our emails with each other so we can all learn from one another. I will hold a live "Klass Kall" where we all get together on a video conference and modify our emails. You can ask me whatever you want during this session, and I will help everyone with their emails! Week 2 (5-12-2014): I'm gonna show you some more ways to tie your 2nd email to your first, and some other cool tricks to keep your customers happy. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, we'll all hop on our weekly Klass Kall and figure it out together.  Plus you'll be seeing examples from your Klassmates, so that will give you loads of fresh ideas. Week 3: (5-19-2014): We're gonna start writing our third email here, and THIS is the one where it starts to get interesting, because we start to sell our product here. The other two emails will be awesome information for your customers, but they will secretly be getting them ready psychologically to buy your product. Week 4: (5-26-2014): In this email we solidify the reasons people buy and give them some awesome content.  We're also going to show you how to write endless amounts of emails your customers will love beyond this point. But the main point is: By Week 4 you will have a fully functioning email collection system that is systematically "warming up customers" while you sleep!! Not only that, but you will forever know how to do this on ANY business you ever go into!! You can be selling insurance, physical products, consulting services.....WHATEVER, and this will benefit you immensely. It's skills like this (implementing a psychologically designed autoresponder) that are way more valuable than any college class I've ever taken. If you trust me as a professor, I'd love to teach you and guide you through the process of putting an autoresponder on your business. So to put it plain and simple in the format above:
    [For $397] + [You will have a fully functional autoresponder on your business "warming up customers"]  + [In one month]
    If you think that's an even remotely large sum of money for a Klass, consider this: Jeff, my friend who was trying to sell wine through email (we talked about him here) sent me these figures for his email list on UndergroundCellar: This is an exact email he sent: HOLY MONKEY CRAP!!!!! Did you see the difference in revenue from his "Before" emails and his "After" emails?! All from talking to little ole me :) His first email after talking to me was a 311% improvement in profit from his previously highest-earning email. His biggest victory was a 962% improvement in profit!! Now also remember how I took over the AppSumo email list, and it magically became AppSumo's first $10,000+ day??
    Perhaps I have an ability to help you with your emails too.  
    And if you join this AutoresponderKlass, that's precisely what I intend to help you with! Click here to see what you get with the AutoresponderKlass --> Your Professor, Neville Medhora P.S.  If for some reason you can't join this Klass, please email me back telling me why. I'd love to know. P.P.S.  I can't WAIT to get started with this and re-vamp people's autoresponders and emails and see some ridiculous results!!
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