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    Klassy Kasual Kopy

    The most common complaint I get from people who work in big companies is.

    "Neville….I can't possibly take your advice and write casually, because I work in a big company!!"

    Ugghh, I've proved this to be wrong so many times. You see, people in big companies are people too!

    For example:

    This is Boisterous Bill. In real life Boisterous Bill loves football, hangin with his bros, and trash talking during poker:

    boisterous-bill(yes I realize "Boisterous Bill" is actually just a random picture of Ben Affleck) 

    Boisterous Bill works at the big company IBM to pay the bills. Now just because Boisterous Bill puts on his nice shirt and tie to go to work, it doesn't mean he enjoys reading boring ass emails or documents!


    He still loves casual speak and humor.

    He doesn't just turn into Boring Bill when he gets to work!

    Boring Bill:

    boring-bill(yes I realize Boring Bill is actually just Ben Affleck with Photoshopped nerd glasses).


    So if you write an email or sales pitch to Bill, you can make his life easier and more fun by writing Klassy Kasual Kopy....because he's the same beer-loving, prank-playing bro he was before.  He doesn't just suddenly change because he's at work.

    So when I tell companies to "write Kasual Kopy"….they think I mean something ridiculous like:


    As hilarious as that might be, I can understand why a serious company wouldn't want to portray themselves like an illiterate 13 year old.

    But it also doesn't mean they have to suck ALL the fun out of it and use confusing buzzwords to describe their company.

    I would like to show you a super-class example of writing Klassy Kasual Kopy by a company called SilverCar (they're a car rental service that only rents out Audi's).

    I made a booking with them recently and here's the confirmation email with the next step instructions:


    THIS EMAIL COULD'VE BEEN SUPER BORING!! But instead they wrote some Klassy Kasual Kopy and made it funny and interesting to read. I almost am kinda looking forward to more emails from them!

    Because this email had a lot of hard-to-follow instructions (which are compounded by the fact that you're generally travelling when you use their service), I highly appreciated the cool and casual style, and it made the email so much more digestible.

    You're almost doing people a FAVOR by writing casually!

    Just remember, you're writing to Boisterous Bill. And just cause he works at a big company doesn't mean he turns into Boring Bill. He's still a dude and you can talk to him that way.


    Write to Boisterous Bill, not Boring Bill :-)


    Neville Medhora - Keepin it Klassy in 2015 (writing this from the Sea Green Hotel in Bombay)

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    Guest John V Nowotarski


    Hey Neville,

    If you can handle a little bit of snow (it snows everyday) come to Misawa, Japan. We can show you some really great hole in the wall places, and we even have tacos! Though nothing like Texas.


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    Ok, that bad Photoshop was pretty funny!

    Maybe that oughtta be a meme...... #badphotoshop.

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    You really made me laugh today!

    So how to convince a big company about this?

    It has happened to me that a company wants to see why their emails are not working, but feel that writing klassy kasual is just not "professional"

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    Guest Tim Rich


    Change your mindset man, people connect with people - not corporations. So one thing a G00D copywriter does is communicate in the same 'voice' as their reader, using their language.

    Once you're comfortable with that, making the change is easy. No-one will reeeeeaaally notice the change at first, but they'll notice the better conversion rate from emails and then realise why.

    Plus, writing Klassy Kasual Kopy is still just as professional as writing boring-ass copy.

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    Great post Neville. I like the example you gave from Silvercar. I've had a hard time finding a way to write in both a professional & entertaining manner and that clears a lot up.
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    Guest Patricia


    "Change your mindset man, people connect with people – not corporations." - high five to that
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    One of the biggest lessons I learn from reading you is to make sure people stay awake and pay attention-- I've been reading and watching videos to learn a lot lately and I find some people would be better served being a librarian vs teaching people... keep up the great work!


    can you please tell me what wordpress theme this website is using????

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    Guest Ignacio Hernandez


    @greg If you look at the source code you can see the theme is made by iThemes.com ...https://ithemes.com/purchase/attent/
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    Guest Neville


    Actually just got back from Kyoto and it flurried a bit, but saw LOTS of snow on the bullet train back to Tokyo!
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    Guest Neville


    I encounter this ALL THE TIME with larger clients.

    They moan about "not looking professional" a lot.

    What I do is:

    Show them what they're currently doing isn't working. So just allow me to test the new strategy on maybe 10% - 30% of their audience. Just a litttttlleee toe-dip to see how the water feels.

    If it sucks, we'll axe it.

    If it works, we'll go 100% with it.

    It usually works then they change their minds immediately when they see results!

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    Guest Neville


    Yeah I figured a nice solid example would be a lot better than "Write professionally but kasually!"
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    Guest Neville


    Thanks Greg!

    Yeah some people have good intentions about teaching, but it often falls flat.

    I think teaching is about tricking people into learning something without it seeming difficult.


    P.S. This site uses the Builder Framework theme and is customized from there!

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    Guest Neville


    Yup! However it's highly customize from the original version so it may not look exact.

    I've actually taken a lot of care to make sure everything is easy to read and comment on by changing fonts and margins and looks!

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    Neville, on your website under the products page, there is a misspelling...

    The NevBox:

    A box of copywriting secrets, phsyically delivered to your door.

    The word physically is misspelled. Thought you should know.

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    Do you have any exercises to find the balance between casual and offensive to your audience? How do you find the tone that resonates best?

    I'm working with realtors now and our demographic is mainly...well Pinterest.

    I'm a guy. I read your copy and it resonates with me. How do I write for 25-35 year old women?

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    Hey man,

    If I were you I'd definitely leave out anything you might feel is offensive (curse words, slang, etc). Spend 15 minutes with a scrap piece of paper and create a rough thought bubble about your target demographic (women between 25-35, but also further filter it down with regards to the product you're advertising), what do they like? What's their occupation? How do they spend their days? What TV shows do they watch?

    Neville's Kopywriting Kourse has a chapter on creating your "Bob", your target demographic (named 'Bob'). It's a must in order to know how to communicate with your potential clients.

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    "Bob" is a great idea.

    Do you have any tips for getting prospects to engage more with your emails? I'm in the process of switching from a "Click this" goal to a "reply to the email" goal.

    I'm using AIDA and Bryan's (video fruit) new "bullet" trick. But could really use some more ideas from people here on how to get responses from the list.

    Thanks a ton!


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    Guest djcrunk


    I’ve never done copywriting working directly for big companies (I bypass this by doing evil affiliate marketing for their products, mwahahaha!… oh well).

    But worked as distribution manager for a huge retail company in my country, who sells more than Sears down here (well everyone does lately really). And let me tell you, everytime I found an obsolete process or flaw in the system, it was like a COLONOSCOPY FROM HELL to change.

    Like the whole world would stop spinning around the sun, and their heads would implode all at once, if God forbid, they had to change or adapt anything to new circumstances. Like if I ever spoke to their marketing department about internet stuff, they would tie me to a wooden pole, laying hay down my feet, before setting me on flames while shouting “witch!, witch!”.

    Cause they even had a manual for everything short of wiping themselves after going to the bathroom, and the environment was so cutthroat, everyone was so scared of messing up and look bad to their bosses.

    Besides their roles are so defined, sometimes the people you speak to, is not the one who can really make things happen… or it’ll be hard for him not stepping on toes if making the call, so you gotta find who really is the big man on campus for that.

    Anyway this is actually great news for us and why learning great copywriting is so freaking cool and exciting, cause you will be kicking ass and taking names in no time, while their own marketing dudes send 10 emails up the chain of command to change a lowsy font, while you can show them real results (performance marketing anyone?) in short time, and they’ll think you’re Jesus, walking on water, eating fish tacos.

    If you already work for a big company though, yeah, I feel your pain, heh. But you may actually implement changes gradually, and as soon you start showing results, your boss and his boss, and his bosse's boss, so on and so forth, will trust you more and more, and let you do your bidding, till you get carte blanche, or even better you'll be their boss and they'll become your bitch some day ;).

    Cause you're making them look good, and that's corporate world's real currency (you know besides, sucking up and backstabbing, God I miss wearing a suit lol). And you have the advantage, the other guys are just there to punch and don't care about learning and improving, shit they don't even have Nevill for pete's sake, so they doomed :D

    Just don't ever, ever, ever, ever, let them found this site (sorry Neville!)

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    Guest djcrunk


    Good stuff, thanks man... even though I kinda hate the term "growth hacker" lol.
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    Guest John V Nowotarski



    Well if you've never experienced it, you should get up here in the spring for the Cherry blossom festival. I can help you out with a place to stay. It's pretty impressive.


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    Guest 21 email marketing tips and tricks to take you from zero to hero! - Copoet


    […] advice I have ever received on writing emails – and copy across all mediums – is from Neville Medhora and his Kopywriting. Basically, his philosophy is that at the end of the day, no matter what boring as hell industry […]
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