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    Here’s some tricks of the trade learned from experience:

    VIDEO 1: The easy way to get feedback: Ask customers to respond with their questions.

    This is literally how I find out how to build my product….by just ASKING people stuff in the auto-responder sequence. So I constantly get a stream of GREAT feedback telling me exactly what people are willing to buy….check it out:

    VIDEO 2: Slightly harder, but WAY more streamlined: Get people to fill out a Google Form (hair color example).

    If you don’t want “feedback-emails” in your inbox, use this method….and everything is delivered to you neat & clean (oh….and for FREE)!

    VIDEO 3: SELLING TIPS: Dropping hints to other products.

    In SBBLive we saw a HUGE increase in sales for the original SumoBusinessBluePrint because we kept mentioning it and how useful it was.

    VIDEO 4: Affiliate links embed for useful products such as Sugarman book. If only 5 people buy per week, that’s still adds up into free money.

    If you’re talking about another product ANYWAY, you may as well make a little ca from it…..like this:

    VIDEO 5: THE CLIFFHANGER: Tomorrow we’re gonna tell you how to…..

    Here’s how I get people to MAKE SURE THEY READ the next emails.  Seriously, people email me all the time saying they’re waiting in anticipation for the next one to come!  (this is why we want to write GOOD emails)!

    HOMEWORK: What question would you ask to all your customers?

    What's a question you'd ask on your autoresponder that would be interesting to hear from everyone?
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