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    Three methods to make Headlines:

    Subject lines are used to get your prospects attention.
    It doesn’t matter if you have great copy if they never OPEN the email or READ the first sentence. Grab them in with a catchy subject line…

    ….but CAUTION: Don’t use a totally random line that doesn’t relate to your story at all. If you say in an email subject line, “YOUR MOM JUST DIED”

    ….they will click it, but get very angry and turned off when you start saying, “Do you need new email marketing software??”

    Here’s three different ways to write good subject lines (pay particular attention to the last one):

    You can write however you want, but here’s some practices I personally use with success:

    • The more like an editorial piece, the better (like a newspaper column)
    • Keep the text width really small. 550 pixels-wide maximum.
    • Use bolds or underlines if you would SPEAK something with emphasis.
    • Use centering to exaggerate something.
    • Use quotes from famous people that relate. Center and italicize them.
    • Use bullets to show lists of interesting things.
    • Max 2-3 sentences per paragraph to keep it reading fast.
    • For page flips….say stuff like, “Ok, but that’s not the best part…..”
    • Use P.S. and P.P.S. to summarize or make sure they take an action.

    “Heard it off the street” Method

    Step 1) Make a chart like this on a piece of paper:

    Step 2) Under the “Something you heard” section, brainstorm some things that if you heard them passing someone on the sidewalk, you’d stop and go “Errrgghh!!??”


    • I dropped $700 like 10 feet from here….
    • My dog shat out a $100 bill today….
    • I couldn’t believe my daughter made $300 from her phone today….
    • My brother was bald but then his hair grew back…..

    Step 3) Under the “What you’re selling” section, write what you’re selling.

    Example we’ll use: Selling an HTML5 programming course

    Step 4) Take the best lines, and pair them together:

    Step 5) Combine them together to make mini-stories (watch the video for examples).

    Step 6) Use your new-found “catchy-mini-stories” as either subject lines or opener lines to get people’s attention.

    Headline Formulas for you to use:

    Sometimes you need a little “assistance” to get your brain juice going.  These formulas will jog your brain in the right direction:

    [End result they want] + [Time period] + [Address the objections]


    [How to make amazing tacos] + [In 10 minutes] + [For under 5 bucks]

    [Make a landing page] + [By tonight] + [With zero experience]

    [Increase walk-in traffic to your restaurant] + [This month] + [Without paying for advertising]



    But formulas can be BROKEN or SHIFTED!!  Let’s be bad little monkeys and change the formula to something like this:

    [Take this action] + [Specific Time Period] + [End Result]


    [Consult with me] + [For 1 hour] + [And I’ll improve your eCommerce site sales]  

    [Talk to just 3 of your customers] + [For 5 minutes] + [To laser-target your sales pitch]

    [Put this liquid in your fish tank] + [Wait 1 hour] + [And you’ll never have to clean it again]

    Want to make a title that’s good for SEO?

    If you’re doing a how-to kind of article, often a good ole’ descriptive title can be the simplest. These can also be the best for SEO purposes.  

    Allow me to demonstrate……by seeing how we can headline an article about cooking eggs:


    Step 1.) Go to Google Trends.

    Look for keywords that are getting more popular with time.  So we’ll check the popularity of “How to cook an egg.” 

    You can see a nice little chart that’s increasing, so this is a pretty popular term:


    Step 2.) Let’s enter some other words to compare.  
    Let’s just add in some other close keywords.  I’ll add in “How to cook scrambled eggs”.  

    As you can see, our competitor word wasn’t AS popular (probably because it was more specific), but still a good up-trending term:


    Step 3.) Find the hottest words:
    We then added the term “How to make eggs” which is only slightly different, but look at the MASSIVE amount of searches that term gets versus the others! You can’t even see the other search volume compared to how much this one gets!

    This would tell me that a great how-to article or video titled “How to make eggs” could potentially hit a huge audience based on search volume.

    Try it yourself on Google Trends.

    Examples of headlines grabbing attention in different ways:

    Found in a magazine.  There’s basically 3 main words that grab your attention.  Paired with the image of a ripped dude, you INSTANTLY get the ad is about fitness and losing flab:


    This is a silly example.  But if you were perusing car listings on Craigslist, you’d sure as hell notice this one!!  The craziness and entertainment value alone makes you want to read it:

    Anatomy of a headline.  
    A lesson to always remember:

    The whole point of your headlines is to grab someone into the article or video.  

    They then start sliding down a “slippery slope” as Joseph Sugarman puts it.  

    I even made you a handy graphic to demonstrate what going down a “Slippery Slope” should look like.  

    Remember this:

    “8 out of 10 people will read the headline.
     2 out of 10 people will read the copy.”  

    The job of the headline is to suck people in, but ALSO to eliminate people who are the wrong readers! Think of your headline as the bouncer of your club. You don’t want to let EVERYONE in, only the people who match your style.

    So you don’t want to spread your message too thin by trying to catch everyone, like this:

    “How to cook eggs and scrambled them and also how to make a good yolk but also keep the egg whites intact and then how to make the egg taste good and also bread.”

    Instead you want to make it to the point and relevant, like this:

    “How to cook a classic breakfast egg.”

    But then we can sex-up that headline to whatever your topic is.  Maybe you have a nutrition blog that’s talking about how to make a healthy egg:

    “How to cook a high-protein egg breakfast like Michael Phelps.”

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    After all that headline info.....here's why you shouldn't pay TOOOOO much attention to headlines:

    Believe it or not, for certain things (like your email list) I think you should NOT spend too much time on creating grandiose headlines. I even jump into my own system to show you at the end:
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