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    This section will show you WHY auto responders work so well:

    VIDEO 1: Why you need to learn autoresponders as a writer:

    Writing something once and broadcasting it to the world is cool. But you know what's cooler? Writing something once then having it broadcast over and over and over again by a computer slave robot.

    VIDEO 2: Most marketers are like “The Annoying Friend” …..let’s use autoresponders to get rid of that:

    Don’t be “The Annoying Friend” by just hitting up your customers with ME ME ME!! GIVE them great value, and good things will happen to your business. This will create a situation where instead of your customers being on the defensive trying to resist your sales pitch, they actually are drawn in and WANT to read your sales pitch: warmed-up-customer That's the beauty of an autoresponder. You don't have to shove all the information down someone's throat all at once. You can instead gently send it to them over time. And the best part is you don't have to physically do any extra work to send these, your autoresponder software does it all for you!

    VIDEO 3: The “Constant Launch”

    Don’t lose all the hard work and great information you put out for products. Put those emails in an autoresponder sequence to constantly “warm up” customers and give them awesome info: autoresponders-replicate

    HOMEWORK: Tell me what email newsletters you're signed up to.

    Let me know which email newsletters you signup to:
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