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    Month 1: The basics of copywriting.

    Week 1: The mentality of a good copywriter. Week 2: Learning the technical stuff behind writing. Week 3: How to write a piece of copy in a HURRY.  Templates and pdf to follow.  Share with colleagues. Week 4: Help with headlines.

    Month 2: More advanced copy techniques.

    Week 5: Writing cold emails. Week 6: Advanced AIDA. Week 7: Writing for eCommerce sites. Week 8: Breaking down sales pages.

    Month 3: The Autoresponder Kourse

    Week 9: What's an autoresponder and why they are a copywriters best friend? Week 10: The technical side of autoresponders broken down. Week 11: What to send people, what content to create. Week 12: Autoresponder tricks of the trade learned from sending 100,000,000's of emails.
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