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    Oh no, our mini-course together is over...


    I sincerely hope you learned something new here.

    Just remember: Even if you took away only ONE change to your writing that improves it by even 10%.....think of the impact it'll have over your entire career. Sincerely, Neville Medhora - Your Kopywriting Friend

    Download all the materials from KopyLite:

    If you want to save this material for later watching, here you go! (Right-click + Save Link As) for each download:

    Copywriting Guide Articles:

    On my public blog I try to make the best articles on the internet about copywriting.  Here’s some super-useful articles you might wanna check out:

    Headlines That Sell
    What is copywriting
    Writing Advertorials
    Copywriting Exercises
    How to Create a Tagline
    Tone of Voice in Copywriting
    How To Become A Copywriter
    The Problem Solving Checklist
    The Product Pricing Calculator

    If you would like to keep learning, upgrade to The Copywriting Course to get god-like at copy (Oh yeah, did we mention you get UNLIMITED help in our forum and live Office Hours to help you write anything)??

    This is for people who want to dive much deeper into copywriting. This little KopyLite course was meant to be a quick intro to newbies, but the KopywritingKourse is meant to get you here: kopy-lite-levels-2 The KopywritingKourse is a multi-part course designed to take you through all the mental tricks, hacks and formulas I use to develop high-selling copy. Not only do you get it for a lifetime, but I'm even adding to it as we speak. So you buy it once, and you get it forever. This is the closest thing you get to sitting by my side and getting a lesson in copywriting.
    • Part 1: The mentality of a good copywriter.
    • Part 2: Learning the technical stuff.
    • Part 3: Follow-along quick start guides
    • Bonus: Headlines help.
    • Bonus: AIDA extended.
    • Bonus: Copywriting for eCommerce sites.
    • Bonus: Breaking down a sales page for easy writing.
    • Bonus: The Copywriting Course Headlines bank.
    • Bonus: The Copywriting Course Cold Email bank.
    • Bonus: The Copywriting Course Forum (ask anything).
    • Bonus: How to take over an industry, post by post.
    • Bonus: Copy forum to ask questions.
    Click here to see the full details of the KopywritingKourse. kopy-upgrade3 This Kourse is used by individual business owners, up to publicly traded companies in sales departments (really). If you would like to hone your copywriting skills so you can sell EVERYTHING better, this is a fantastic investment. Also, every time there's new sections or updates, you get them all for free.

    Grab the full KopywritingKourse if you'd like to learn more:

    Step 1.) Click that giant button below. Step 2.) Pay with Credit Card or PayPal. Step 3.) You'll get all setup with immediate access to the KopywritingKourse for life. grab-this-buy-now-button
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