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Master the art of influence through language.

Kopywriting Klass of 2017. Copy10x   This is a Complete Copy Makeover. Toolkit. The Complete Copywriting Course. More comprehensive β†’ Want feedback β†’ Work with me + the group. KopywritingKourse Content. Autoresponder Kourse. Solo. Lone Wolf. $497   KopywritingKourse Content + Social. Team Player. $1,500 -The KopywritingKourse. -The AutoresponderKourse. -The Content Writing Course. -The How to Become A Copywriter Course. Keep all content forever. -The KopywritingKourse -The AutoresponderKourse -The Content Writing Course -The How to Become A Copywriter Course. + -6 live office hours calls. 2 per month. -The Recording Archives. -The FB Group. Run your copy by the Klass. Keep all content forever. Stay in group forever.   Who it’s for: People who want to get started as a copywriter. People who want to write better (that sounds vague). People who want to write content. People who want a kick in the butt to get started. People with $100,000 in revenue. Who is it NOT for: People with no desire to write. People Result they will get: Better emails. Better content that ranks in the search engines. Write best article on the internet. Know how to sequence an autoresponder in the right way. Tricks, tips, techniques, formulas. Psychological tricks to write better copy. How to consult as a copywriter. -A properly written About Page. -You will have your Writing Portfolio ready. -You will write 1 major Pillar Article that’s the BEST on the entire internet. -Write your first Sales Page. -Get a roadmap. Where to start, and how to proceed. Training on each step. What to avoid. Where to NOT waste your time. -Get a group of like-minded people to get you through it. Not everyone in the same industry. A diverse crew of people. A community to belong to. Order: Learn to Write β†’ First you need to write good, duh. Learn to write top-ranking content β†’ Your writing needs to be comprehensive and the best. Learn to use autoresponders β†’ Then new people need to see your new writing. Learn to sell your skills as a copywriter β†’ Now you’re a great writer, let’s sell that skill. Get feedback from your class. Product Name: s What it does (specifically): s How much: s Who it’s for: People with 10,000 visits/mo. Who it’s not for: s What they get: 3 months of live calls. Why they need it: s When do they start: s When do they end: s They write an about page. They write one piece of copy that’s the best on the internet. Pillar Post. Content Writing.
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