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    Copywriting Course Members Re-Cap

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    Hey Hey!

    Great content last week in Copywriting Course Member's area. I can't wait until we jump on a call next Thursday to help members with their project.

    So here's a tiny re-cap of what's happened in the last week:


    Recent Office Hours Questions:

    Here's just 5 clips from the recent Office Hours for all members to join. Even if you miss an Office Hours your question can be recorded.


    Revamping a new home buyer at campaign for Facebook


    A Copywriting Course member is taking her first crack at an ad campaign focused on first time new home buyers, and we see how to increase the conversion rate.


    Doing SEO research for a mobile apps company, and seeing if it’s a right fit


    We do some SEO research for a mobile apps company, and seeing if it’s a right fit.


    Revamping a music website dealership page


    We go through an email aimed at construction equipment contractors to see how we can get more leads and appointments from this email. We re-wrote a few parts of the email and completely changed the Call To Action at the end.


    How to build an email list, so can announce a launch


    A member is building out a video course on CPPS, so he wants to first build an email list to promote it. We go through the steps needed to build an email list from scratch.


    Should I send an an impersonal weekly email newsletter, or include a personal note also?


    We go through a member's new weekly newsletter format to see if it’s best without a personal note in the beginning.



    New Training Content:


    Soo you wanna build a course....



    A really good course give people at least 10X the value of what they paid.

    A GREAT course will give them 100X



    "But Neeevviillleee.....I don't know what course I can make!!"

    You can easily niche down your skills. 



    And it wouldn't be a Kopywriting Kourse if I didn't include templates to get you started.


    Hope to see you inside!

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