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    Copywriting Course Members Re-Cap

    office hours group calls

    Hey Hey!

    Many people don't know we have a private Copywriting Course Members Area where students can learn, ask questions, and interact.

    So here's a tiny re-cap of what's happened in the last week:


    Recent Office Hours Questions:

    Here's just 5 clips from the recent Office Hours for all members to join. Even if you miss an Office Hours your question can be recorded.


    SEO research and full keyword report pulling for an upcoming back pain book:


    We go through a full SEO report to determine the best way to market an upcoming book about back pain. This helped define the keywords the author will go after and focus on.


    "Is this copy too salesy? The company wants it toned down."


    We explore WHY copy can look "too salesy" and take the steps to tone it down for a more professional audience. A few modifications and we did it on the spot!


    Modifying email pitch to contracting companies and making it grab more leads:


    We go through an email aimed at construction equipment contractors to see how we can get more leads and appointments from this email. We re-wrote a few parts of the email and completely changed the Call To Action at the end.


    Re-doing the sales funnel for a 150+ person company aimed at getting leads:


    A cloud storage company wasn't getting great results with a certain sales funnel they were using. We actually removed steps from the process to make it work better.


    Writing Autoresponder Emails in the 70/30 Format for an education software company:


    This software education company was worried they are "selling too much" in their autoresponder, so we taught them our 70/30 Content technique that makes people look forward to your email, rather than be turned off by all the selling.



    New Training Content:

    One of the skills a great copywriter needs is knowing how to make images. We made a new module inside The Copywriting Course Members Area for learning about images:

    members-clip1.jpgThis video goes over the deeper concepts on WHY to use images in certain areas.


    members-clip2.jpgThis video shows how I make certain images using no software other than Google Drawings.


    members-clip3.jpgThis video shows some of my tricks-of-the-trade between using PNG and JPG images, and then explains my watermarking technique which has saved me hundreds of hours trying to combat shady blogs stealing content. 


    There's a lot more interaction going on inside, but this is just a small sample of activity from this week. If you'd like to join the Copywriting Course, you can below:


    Hope to see you inside!


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