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    Benefits of Copywriting Hello there, I'm Neville Medhora, the main creator of Copywriting Course. And I'm going to write my own (totally unbiased 🙄) review of The Copywriting Course! First of all, if you want:
    • Unlimited access to all of our training materials right away.
    • Unlimited copy critiques.
    • Unlimited email critiques.
    • Unlimited Office Hours invites.
    • Unlimited help with your projects.....
    Just skip this post and signup here right now!  

    Take A Video Tour Of Copywriting Course:

    This video will explain and show what you get with The Copywriting Course. Let my soothing voice do the work for you :)  

    See A Live Feed Of The Member's Area:

    Inside our private Member's Area forum there is a constantly active stream of copywriting advice, re-writes, feedback, professional critiques, new videos, and real life results. Here's a small peek inside:
    That's all we can show you for now, but Copywriting Course Subscribers get full access to everything.  

    So What Is The Copywriting Course?

    FAQ Question Marks The Copywriting Course is a digital training program for businesses owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that helps train them to think and write like great copywriters. It's part self-paced content: There are modules full of videos and written content. It's part community: There is an active community of us reviewing each others work inside. It's part live 1-on-1 help: We do Office Hours every 2 weeks where you can get live help with anything. It's part accountability: By signing up you want to get the most out of it, so you take action quickly.    

    Why Spend Money To Learn Copywriting Anyway?

    Copywriter money going in bag You're going to be giving away some of your money to The Copywriting Course, so what will you gain from this? There's many areas in your business which can be boosted from great copywriting: Every time you write a cold email to pitch your product/service, you will be writing an email that has the highest chance of getting a result.  For a fertilizer company client, each closed sale is over $100,000/each. So if a single salesperson can close 5 more sales per month with a better email flow...that's $5mil+/yr in extra sales.   If you have a website, by optimizing each of your main pages (Home Page, About Page, Contact Page) you can grab the most value out of your visitors. A fitness website client made changes per our suggestions and saw an extra 50 signups a day. This equates to 18,250+ new subscribers per year just by changing small layout items on their website. A dental company used our "Website Tuneup" module to add a blatantly obvious large phone number to the top of every page on their website, and saw calls to schedule appointments rise 30%.   If you have a sales page to promote your products, by optimizing the copy you can sell much more of this product or service. A psychology company changed up their sales page and saw   If you sell software, by explaining your product much clearer through text and images, you can sell a lot more. A large Shopify app company saw a 30% increase in usage by changing up some small reminder emails in their on-boarding sequence. This results in a huge spike in revenue across all their products.   If you write content to boost your SEO rankings, credibility, and get exposure to your company, The Copywriting Course will help you write WAY better content that ranks. We've watched companies blow over $400,000+ per year to make content that never even ranks in the search engines. They blindly put out mediocre content every month that gets them $0.00 in return. However after having their teams take The Copywriting Course and get feedback in our Community and Office Hours, they've boosted the rankings of their content massively and even start getting fresh new leads everyday thanks to that same content that a few months before was returning nothing! The Copywriting Course itself is a traffic generating machine, garnering up to 10,000+ visits on a normal day. We walk the walk, and talk the talk when it comes to creating content that's interesting, helpful, and gets ranked.    

    Why Is It Spelled With K's?

    boring professor "Copywriting" typically refers to only the written word. If this was the year 1450 text would be this brand new way to spread ideas, but, nowadays we have text, images, GIF's, and videos to convey concepts and emotions. So.... "Kopywriting" is the optimization of all mediums of communication. That's what we focus on. We also don't believe that simply writing in a formal manner with great grammar is the way all content needs to be. Content can be fun. Content can be a little quirky. Content can be any form or combination of text, images, and video. The content we write is designed to do one thing:

    Transfer information from one brain to another.

      So if being funny and quirky is the best way to transfer an idea in a blog post...we'll be funny and quirky! If being serious and solemn is the best way to transfer an idea in a blog post...we'll be serious and solemn! If our goal is to make a sale...we'll use whatever medium is best to make that sale!    

    What Results Have People Got From Copywriting Course?

    good copy generator machine You can see a Copywriting Course Testimonials Page here, but here's some notable successes:   Brent 100X'd his money in a few short months from what he learned: [testimonial_view id="11"]   Sam Parr took The Copywriting Course, and it completely changed his outlook on writing forever. He built a $10,000,000/yr company called TheHustle out of this voice, and it now reaches 1.3 million readers a day. This stemmed from the principles he learned inside The Copywriting Course: [testimonial_view id="12"]   Rob signed up for the Copywriting Course training, and didn't expect much from the Office Hours calls, but then.... [testimonial_view id="10"]      

    Copywriting Course Is Not Just Self-Paced Training....you get 1-on-1 help anytime you need:

    I own 20+ courses I've purchased online.....most of them sit un-watched. The Copywriting Course definitely has a training component, but also has a live forum area where you can ask questions and get real reviews. But what if you need to talk to someone directly? Then hop on one of our Office Hours calls and ask questions! I (Neville) personally host these calls, and answer questions live on the calls:      

    I Work In A Boring Industry, Will This Work For Me?

    geometry boring drawingThis guy works in a boring industry.

    You're dang right it will! Human behavior doesn't change based on your industry. The motivations and buying triggers are similar for most people in the world, and we teach you how to appeal to all of them. You don't have to write wacky articles like we do. In fact most of our client work for companies is not crazy and over-the-top. It's straight to the point and designed to generate sales. This is one of the most common questions we get, and people are always delighted when they realize the same principles that work in other industries, work brilliantly on their own industry too.    

    Why Should I Choose Copywriting Course Over Other Places?

    If you learn from someone, make sure they Walk-the-Walk and Talk-the-talk! I (Neville Medhora) am head honcho at Copywriting Course, and am part of multiple companies and have a diverse background from eCommerce to publishing and more. I'm currently part of a couple things:
    • KopywritingKourse: Businesses make sure all their employees watch this so they reduce wasted communication time, talk with clients better, and make more sales.
    • NevBlog: One of the very first financial blogs on the internet. Now used for accountability.
    • AppSumo: Big discounts on SaaS products sent to over 850,000 people.
    • Sumo: Software tools to get traffic & signups on your website.
    • Author: Wrote a book. It was really short. Sold it on Amazon. Companies use it as a style reference guide.
    • HouseOfRave: Owned one of largest rave retailers till 2011. Still never been to a rave in my life.
    • RealSavvy: A software company that helps real estate agents communicate with their clients.
    • PinkJavaMedia: One of the largest networks of soap opera blogs on the internet.
    • TheHustle: Media company that runs a business news site and puts on HustleCon.
    This means my only claim to fame is not just teaching people to write. I've been involved in a whole wide variety of businesses and helped out with a wide variety of industries. I've helped hundreds of clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to gigantic companies:
    • Yelp
    • Waze
    • Olive oil
    • Corel
    • WinZip
    I talk about good writing and getting linked and getting traffic......and I literally DO get lots of links and traffic on this site. Check the ranking of this blog. Check on Alexa -> [link]. Copywriting Course is ranked worldwide as one of the top 50,000 websites on the planet. We do between 4,000 and 10,000+ visits per day. We have 10,000+ customers. We have 100,000+ email subscribers. Because of the casual and fun style this might seem like a silly little blog, but Copywriting Course is indeed a widely read blog and widely taken training course by companies and individual entrepreneurs alike.

    Neville teaching office hours communityTeaching people who already know content, how to do content a little bit better.

    Neville teaching office hours communityDoing a company training on getting better opens on cold emails.

    neville-medhora-headshot-pictureYes I'm aware you can barely see my eyes when I smile!

    In addition to all this experience, the words of Copywriting Course have also appeared in some renowned publications such as:

    Entrepreneur | Business Insider | HubSpot | Digg | Forbes | Buffer | HostGator | Medium | KissMetrics | Reddit | CampaignMonitor | AppSumo | UserTesting | Writtent | GumRoad | LeadPages | SitePoint | NeilPatel | Teachable | Mixergy | TheArtOfCharm | TheHustle | FourHourWorkWeek | WallStreetJournal | NewYorkTimes | SingleGrain | CrazyEgg | TheHustle | Ask | OneMonth | ProductHunt | SumoMe | LifeHack | Clarity | GrowthHackers | QuickSprout | Ahrefs | Inbound

    What I'm trying to prove here is Copywriting Course is an amazing resource to learn writing from, and get writing help from. Before you pay money to learn from someone, I encourage you to first observe the results of the person who is teaching you copywriting before you embark down that path.
    • Are they legit and pulling in tons of traffic?
    • Are they getting tons of attention to their words?
    • Do they have experience doing other things besides teaching copy?
    • Are they involved in other companies and industries?
    If not, then be careful. The person you learn from is the person you'll emulate from now on. That's why many people choose Copywriting Course to learn from. Join Here.    

    What is the Community and Office Hours?

    The Community is a private forum ONLY for active Copywriting Course members where you can post what you're working on, and get feedback on it instantly. Professional copywriters and other members look at your work and we help improve it. We also do this with cold email pitches, sales pages, autoresponders, and content. This alone will more than pay for any subscription you buy with us. Rob wanted help on a cold email to pitch psychologists for a gifted testing business, so he posted inside the Member's Area asking for help: Email Example Copywriting Course Rob   Right after this he got a modified and fully written cold email example he could use: Email Example Copywriting Course Rob We even went further in the thread and had a great discussion on if Rob should add a longer guarantee into the offer. THE POINT IS if you're a member of The Copywriting Course, you get access to this private help community, and you can ask for help with whatever you want. This is far better than just watching some training online and hoping for the best. This is access to professional copywriters whenever you need it. We don't just leave it there....sometimes you need a little personalized help that's hard to communicate through text. Well guess what, the Office Hours have got you! Twice a month (and sometimes more) you can hop on a call with Neville and get your questions answered. Take a look at some of the recent questions answered LIVE on the Office Hours:
    • Cold emailing a list of 13,000 IT professionals (We re-wrote the entire email they sent).
    • Re-doing the sales funnel for a 250 person company aimed at getting leads (We made it simpler and doubled the results).
    • SEO research and full report for a back pain book (We pulled an entire report and listed out the next 3 articles and titles they should write).
    • Modifying email pitch to contracting companies and making it grab more leads (This boosted responses by over 50%).
    • Writing Autoresponder Emails in the 70/30 Format for an education software company (We made her first email in the sequence on the spot).
    • Creating a Giveaway landing page design for a government contractor (We overhauled the page for better conversion).
    • Should new copywriters give away free consultations to get more copywriting clients? (We discussed the do's and don't of free consultations).
    • Which skills are needed to take my copywriting career to the next level? (We listed out his skills and figured out the highest paying gigs he can go for, and how to do it).
    • Re-doing the sales funnel for a 250 person company aimed at getting leads (We made it simpler and doubled the results).
    As you can see a wide variety of people and companies attend these office hours...and there's a wide variety of interesting topics asked. Many people don't even have a question, but choose to join just to see what other people are doing, and watch their results through the Office Hours. We hope to see you inside the Member's Area too!    

    Copywriting Course Pricing (Does It Cost A Lot of Money)?

    Pricing examples for sales pages raining money I'm going to flat out say this: I think The Copywriting Course is one of the best copywriting investments you can ever make. I'm extremely proud to promote it, and lucky to get to hang out with all these cool copywriters and company founders. In fact my goal is to get everyone a minimum 10X return on their investment. If you give me $100 and I give you a $4 Big Mac. That might be expensive because you paid $100 for a $4 item you can get anywhere. But if you give me $100 and I help modify a page so it makes you $1,000. Is that expensive? If it got you a 10X return on money, I don't think that's expensive. If you give me $5,000, but I help you earn back $50,000 during the course of a year, is that expensive? I would say NO! That return on investment MADE you money, not cost you money.   We know 10x (and often WAY MORE) is the average immediate return on value for Copywriting Course clients. With all the training, all the personal help, and all the live calls, it's almost impossible not to pickup things that can boost your business or income. Some companies have bought multiple licenses of Copywriting Course, and got a cold email that brought in $100,000 more per month with the extra clients those generated. To them it was a fantastic investment they got their worth from right away.  

    Join The Copywriting Course:

    So with all the evidence presented here for joining Copywriting Course, we'd highly suggest you join now:  

    - You can enroll in the Copywriting Course right here -

      We look forward to seeing you inside the Member's Area! Neville Medhora - KopywritingKourse.com
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