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    This is the actual autoresponder sequence we originally used to sell the KopywritingKourse:

    Email 1:

    Subject Line: This email will make you write better Sent WHEN THEY SIGN UP.

    Email 2:

    Subject Line:Here’s how ya write SUBJECT LINES Sent day 3.

    Email 3:

    Subject Line: Why people ignore what you say (and how to solve it) Sent day 5.

    Email 4:

    Subject Line: use this subject line Sent day 7.

    Email 5:

    Subject Line: why shitty stuff sometimes works better Sent day 9.

    Email 6:

    Subject Line: oh Sugarman how I love you (not in a gay way) Sent day 11.

    Email 7:

    Subject Line: kopywriting success story (reserve 4 minutes to read) Sent day 13.

    Email 8:

    Subject Line: people buy more stuff when they hear from you often Sent day 15.

    Email 9:

    Subject Line: how Magical Slave Machines warm up people interested in your stuff Sent day 17.

    Email 10:

    Subject Line: watch how I take money….but without pressuring anyone to buy Sent day 19.
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