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    “The client I signed last week (a huge AdWords + Analytics project) said that he contacted (and was “already sold” on) me because he liked the “tone of writing” on my website. He said every other PPC agency sounded super-corporate with jargon he couldn’t understand, but mine was easy to understand, and he knew the benefits of what he would be getting before he called – all thanks to concepts I learned in the Copywriting Course.”
    – Nathan Shivar


    Hi Neville, I adopted one of your emails as a working template, inserted appropriate copy, and sent a single email to a list of 1,700 people…and sold over $16,000 of chestnut trees. Thanks man.
    — Grant S.


    Thank you for creating the Kopywritting Kourse. I have learned so much more about sales from your course than I have from 3 years of selling insurance.
    — Jeremiah Johnson 


    Neville, Just completed the Copywriting Course. Thank you for doing that by the way. I‘ve read the Boron Letters, and various other bits and pieces of other copywriting books. Your course, for me, was the best thing that I‘ve been through so far. I‘m a visual learner so it was super helpful to get a chance to see you displaying your “skillz” live…or as close to live as a recorded video can get.
    —Trenton Switzer


    “Amazing Course…. A must-buy for everyone who is constantly emailing prospects and wants to learn the ropes of the copy writing skills. I am a business owner and have been writing boring emails (hate to admit but it’s true) to prospects for years..but after taking this course I am super excited about putting everything I learned into practice. I specially loved the part where Neville took the time to write emails in real time and explained how anyone can write amazing emails in no time. Thanks once again for putting this course together.”
    – Anant Singh


    “Copywriting bootcamp for all geek wantrapreneurs. No fluff. Nuthin’ but the good stuff here.

    Super helpful extras include Neville’s on the fly remix of some shite copywriting during his interview with Mixergy head Andrew Warner. Hah! Brilliant.

    Bottom line: We geeks and geekettes need this because we suck at writing copy and place no value on it. We are of course clueless. Neville repairs the damage.

    Just do it.”
    — Douglass Turner


    “AHHH-Mazing Kourse! I used to be great (awesome, in fact) at writing stodgy, formal emails and copy. That’s about to change. I can’t wait to get started. THANK YOU Neville!”
    — Chad Simpson


    “This is an EXCELLENT course that balances great instructional design with industry knowledge. The practical yet in-depth content makes it an excellent value!!! Well done! Cannot wait to dig into more courses!”
    – Sabrina Sterling

    “Thank you! I boosted my response rate to a whopping 1.97% on YouTube video ads and it was easy! I used your techniques to write an irresistible ad. Normally, you can expect to draw .35% from your YouTube Ads, according to YouTube. And I did it on the very first ad I wrote after taking your course.”
    — Mary Ford


    “Neville Man, Your Kourse rocks!

    I don’t know how you do it but clearly you have in you the wisdom and punch of the great Gary Halbert! Actually, I didn’t even know who was Gary Halbert until now. Heck, I didn’t even know about copywriting up until I irresistibly clicked Noah’s email promoting your Kourse the other day!

    It’s like I’ve just downloaded an entire semester of business school right into my brain. Matrix style! Listen, I may have only paid $69 but I still think you have provided an insanely huge package of value here. You see, I’m a newbie entrepreneur and before that I never really explored the world of copywriting. But Man… without your course I might have missed the single best business moment in my life!

    The simple fact that you brought the works of Halbert to my consciousness is in itself worth 10x the price you asked for the course!!!

    I’m totally sucked down the slippery slope of reading the Boron Letters

    now… These aren’t Golden Nuggets…


    Listen, I’m gonna stop the flattery here but I’m sure you got my point.

    So, I wanted to personally thank you for all this and to let you know

    that if you need anything from me… Just ask!”
    — Francois Paul Lambert


    “Nev–Love your lessons that are on Sumo and from Mixergy on copywriting.  I bought both laughed AND learned…) I learned more than from a $4350 company sponsored 2 day corporate writing event that teaches me NO more than HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE SIGNATURE.

    Your lessons have helped me increase my income from 90-110k AUS (bonus etc) to somewhere over 250k (only 6 months into that year). The reason for the increase is a jump from grad engineer to consulting project engineer, A shot in pay from near $40 /hr to over $100 / hr.

    Can’t say the entire raise is cause of writing effectively. BUt I can say the confidence my effective writing (learned from your shit) has given me in my biz dealings HAS allowed me to be confident making 250k per year. Fuck shit fuck writing an email like you say works even in the most constrained corp environment. I love Kopywriting.”
    — Jamey K


    Nev, Holy crap, I owe you big time man! Aside from everything I told you about below, my most recent venture just got featured on Tech Crunch!!! I literally only sent 1 email, and got a response within 5 minutes (lucky, or good? Who knows!). I owe it all to your courses and videos!
    — Mark Fazzini


    Hi, What can i say? Neville you are the f… best copywriter what I ever seen. You take the simplest and best advice. I love your style!
    — Grzegorz Przybyło


    Thanks bro! I bought your Kopy Course about a year or so ago. It was KICK ASS. It truly sent me down a rabbit hole via Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins etc etc. I have really tried to apply everything you taught in that course and it has made a MASSIVE difference. So thank you oh mighty Neville.
    — Jeff Dinsdale


    Very helpful.  We have been stuck writing terrible headlines for weeks and this got us out of the rut immediately! Thanks!!
    —Happy Sumo


    The Copywriting Course was essential for us. I knew nothing about writing copy for products and this course set us on the right path to creating great content. Our customers often write to us praising our product descriptions and newsletters for being more useful and thorough than they can find anywhere else.
    — Sean Aquino


    Hey Neville, I recently purchased your Copywriting Course and it is KILLER. I‘ve turned my (decidedly shitty) copy into something that makes people want to buy things. Its pretty great. I had to say that the section on no one caring about me helped the most.  You‘re a rockstar man. Keep kicking ass.
    — John Loughrin


    Sup Nev, I‘ve been following your blog online for a while. I love your stuff! I‘ve bought the muse course, kopy kourse, and kopy kase study edition.

    After following your advice, taking kourses, reading boron letters, and eating thousands of tacos, my writing has finally improved and I‘ve been able to use what I learned with good success on my personal websites. An opportunity has came up for me to write for a magazine. I pitched them some ideas and they loved it and want to go forward!
    — Anthony Navarro


    Hi Neville, I came across your name when I was applying for a job – the job ad said: “If you don‘t already know that you are a good writer, check out this course….”
    A link that led me to you and your copywriting course!
    — Mahdis Ghassemi


    I think the KopywritingKourse should be required for every new employee to watch.
    — Adam Gilbert


    I have a girl who was working as customer service, but she’s never written. Needed a female writer. She was just using all these templates for writing hooks, positioning, propositioning.  It sucked.  But then I gave her your course and she got a helluva lot better pretty much instantly. 
    — Henry Fuentes


    Just wanted to thank you again for the great Kopywriting and Autoresponder courses.  Although I’ve been writing copy for years, they’ve been great inspiration for fresh ideas.
    — Katherine Chalmers


    Hey Neville, fellow brown guy here.
    I just started taking your Copywriting Course — really enjoying it so far! My favorite aspect of your class is that it‘s not boring. A lot of video courses get bogged down in technique and are difficult to finish (especially for those of us with severe ADHD). I‘m having no such problems with your kourse — thanks for making it entertaining AND informative man! Cheers!
    — Sonny


    That Shiz Was the Bomb.
    I have spent alot of time studying Traffic and Building Funnels, but the one missing ingredient that I was lacking was understanding how to write kick-ass copy. Your tips really pointed me in the right direction, and started to get my mental juices flowing.
    Thanks dude, Your Fellow Desi (Non-Doctor) Brother,
    — Vic Patel


    Dude, I appreciate you more everyday. When I invested in KK I didn’t know I’d be signing up for continuous awesomeness. Great examples and inspiration. Keep kickin’ ass, Neville.
    — Bodhi


    Hey Neville, Just wanted to let you know how much the Kopy Kourse has helped me. Applied the ideas from kopywriting to internet dating and boy does this stuff work. I get at least a 1/5 or 1/6 message rate per day. Which saves me time from messaging random girls hoping for hits and focusing on those that are really feeling me and buying my product “ME“. Just wanted to encourage you that this stuff works buddy.
    — Chi Odogwu


    Today is a momentous day, my friend. (I called you “my friend“ because you send me emails, even though I know you don‘t actually know who the hell I am) I just wanted to share with you this crazy exciting bit of info that happened because of YOUR copywriting course:

    Today, I just got my first high paying client for $75 per hour… …a mere 8 months after taking your course (I had absolutely ZERO experience with copy before that point). Of course, I‘ve done plenty of studying afterwards (your recommended reading). But your course provided a FANTASTIC foundation for me to launch from, and I actually got full time work at $17 per hour MERE DAYS after taking your course 8 months ago. You‘re doing big things, man. Thanks! 
    — Tim Branch


    Hey Neville, Whats up?
    Let me come straight to the point and tell you what‘s the best thing I did this month.

    1. No, It was not closing the biggest deal in my sales career of 1.5 years.

    2. It wasn‘t getting the best numbers on the scoreboard as the financial year ends.

    3. It was also not getting fuming hot response from a big shot actress for a business proposal with my company.

    It was… Subscribing to Copywriting Course ! Yeah you heard me ! :D

    I‘ve never written something that appeals my audience so well.

    The response rate to my cold/ hot/ luke warm mails has gone upto 40% from just 10% last month. So yeah..accidentally landing on your page and subscribing to it was definitely the best thing I did.

    Thanks for the direct/ indirect encouragement. looking forward to write better in future :) 
    — Priya


    Hey Neville, I‘ve been using your cheat sheet and working through the Copywriting Course. Really am enjoying and finding some good use for the training…I‘ve already had 3 job offers.
    — Derek Kruger


    Hi Neville, I am the Marketing Communications Assistant and aspiring copywriter at my company. I have rewritten almost everything on our website thanks to your Copywriting Course.
    — Andrew Gabbert

    The Copywriting Course teaches you how to write so that people will like you, your message will resonate with them and they’ll want to buy from you. Emails. Blog posts. Sales pages. Tweets. Anything that involves putting words down on paper. 

    Neville is the Picasso of writing. He helped AppSumo grow into a 7-figure business by writing weekly emails for them. Now he helps other people do the same thing. 
    —Bryan Harris

    I‘ve been a professional copywriter for 3 years now, and this is the only copywriting course I‘ve ever taken. Neville‘s ideas helped me earn well into the six figures in my own business, and that‘s not even including all the sales I‘ve helped generate for my clients. You cannot go wrong with the Copywriting Course!
    —Danny Margulies

    About a year ago, I launched my first blog with no experience. I had just taken your Kourse on Kopy, and decided to format my first blog post in the AIDA format. The “action“ portion being basically “hey sign up for my mailing list if you like articles like this“. Within 3 days of posting the article, I had around 2000 “shares“ and over 2000 people on my mailing list. So thanks!
    —Brian H.

    I have always thought of myself as a rather persuasive person, but your Kopy Kourse changed me forever. By the way, it is actually required reading at the company I did work experience at!  The course was so good I did it twice! I am trying to get an early start on life, and you have really helped me out with that. I owe you!
    — Edmund Scott

    Hey Nev, so I applied your course to the sales page of one of my own courses and like magic it out performed the control which was my short video sales page. I always assumed short video sales pages would work better because people don‘t read and the short attention span. But the numbers don‘t lie, folks will read if you write using the formula in your course. So thanks man. I’ve pretty much made my investment back on this product and more. So it was worth every dollar! 
    — Eddy Salomon

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