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    K opywriting K ourse ⇨ C opywriting C ourse

    Holy crap, I just realized we've been misspelling 'copywriting course' for 5 years!






    Apparently the word 'copywriting" doesn't have a 'K' in it.




    So I just switched the domain over to CopywritingCourse.com instead.






    That means we have to kill copywritingcourse.com:






    Farewell my friend.






    I've been part of a couple of name changes and here's what I've learned:





    Usually no one gives a f*** except you.






    It's amusing for like 1 hour then it's back to "OK cool but what can the product do for me?"






    It's more about what you provide than the name.

    AIDA Formula Action





    In fact many people REALLY LIKED the wrong spelling:






    One major downside of the name, was any abbreviation I made kind of sounds like "KKK" 😳

    Copywriting Course = KK

    Copywriting Course Kommunity = KKK

    Copywriting Course Klub = KKK

    Copywriting Course Kontent = KKK

    Kore Kopywriting Koncepts = KKK

    Copywriting Course Vault = KKV

    Really no matter what I abbreviate, it just straight up looks like KKK and that's not cool.





    I feel like Krusty The Klown in this situation:






    This has been a concern for companies, and really messes up any kool & klever names.






    The name change helps with professionalism. People on LinkedIn would write "Copywriting Course Certified" on their profile, but it looks goofy to others. The new name is better.

    copywriting course certification certificate





    A major downside of this domain change is organic Google traffic will suffer for a while.

    Day 2 of change: Organic traffic is down 20%

    Day 4 of change: Organic traffic is down 60%

    Day 10 of change: Organic traffic is down 90%






    Another downside of the domain change is having to change LOTS of images and do a little rebranding:

    copywriting course logos sample drawings





    Ironically having a silly name like "Kopywriting" made me try HARDER to be legitimate.






    Like that Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue" where the kid gets strong because of his name.





    But the strange name made us stand out more, and incited more curiosity. I will miss that.

    Neville tatoos flexing





    But let's be real, the main reason is I was finally able to acquire the domain.


    When I first started it wasn't available, so the K's sufficed (Copywriting Course was just an individual course I sold on AppSumo, it was never intended to be a business).





    I will also miss telling people why I spelled it with K's.

    "Copywriting is the art of moving words around. Kopywriting is the art of installing information in other people's brains faster."






    If you have any links pointing to KopywritingKourse.com, I would be forever gracious if you updated them to CopywritingCourse.com






    P.S. Have any fond memories or learnings from Copywriting Course over the years? Let me know in the comments below!


    P.P.S. The top 3 commenters will get sent "You're Gonna Die" and "This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better" to anywhere in the world, for free.



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    I'm gonna miss the K. I remember taking the Kopywriting Kourse in 2014 from the lobby of a hostel in Vietnam! Very first time I learned about copywriting. It's been awesome seeing how things grew.
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    Guest Fanuta Tache


    What else is possible now?


    To be honest I like more those C C

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    I wont get a free book for commenting, but that's ok.




    I appreciate what you do for the Copy Community.




    Keep it up!

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    My favorite memory is trying to write that most important cold email of my life and searching on Google like a headless chicken. I eventually came upon Neville's work and realized what real email writing is. Scored my first job through the cold email I wrote that day and all because of Kopywriting Kourse. I love it and I love Neville's work.
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    Guest Keni Sakuda


    Hi Neville,


    I’ve enjoyed your teachings greatly and have used them for my own email and website. Everything about what you do (including the spelling of your website) taught me that anything goes as long as you transmit the correct information efficiently. Many thanks and I hope you continue doing yoir thing!

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    Guest Kamran Farooq


    I saw a link to the Copywriting Course Facebook group yesterday, and my initial thought was "some bast@*d has hijacked the material from Kopywriting Kourse.


    Turns out it was you after all. Phew.

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    Well, I guess Mortal Kombat is next in line now. 🤷‍♂️

    I remember taking the free mini course back in the days as a part of my full stack education and thinking holy shit, I've learnt so much I'm actually okay for now without the main course. 🤨Until now I still haven't taken the main one but I've been recommending KK (oh I see it now) to everybody who even brought the topic of copywriting up at based on the free course alone.

    Anyways, best of luck, keep us updated on the SEO impact & recovery journey.✌️

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    Well, I guess Mortal Kombat is next in line now. 🤷‍♂️I remember taking the free mini course back in the days as a part of my full stack education and thinking holy shit, I’ve learnt so much I’m actually okay for now without the main course. 🤨Until now I still haven’t taken the main one but I’ve been recommending KK (oh I see it now) to everybody who even brought the topic of copywriting up at based on the free course alone.Anyways, best of luck, keep us updated on the SEO impact & recovery journey.✌️
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    Guest AlejoLab


    It was a bold move to sell a course that teaches you to write with a typo in it (and that captured my interest)

    But I also saw Key Key Key too many times. So I think its for the better.


    At least we will still have the wacky stickman figures. Because those are staying, right? RIGHT Neville??

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    Guest Britt Malka


    My fondest memory about Kopywriting Kourse is strutting up and down the streets of Haifa where nobody knew what copywriting is, but still feeling proud because I won this t-shirt with a comment where I suggested one of the winning headlines.


    Now my t-shirt no longer makes sense, because there is no Kopywriting Kourse.



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    Your Kopywriting Kourse was a Kraker. It Kept me Kommitted for hours, especially the Kartoon section as this was my main aim to Kopy your Kartoons Karachters as they are Katching and always keep you on Kourse.....However I can see your point and it is defo a valid one. Bring on the Copywriting Course Cartoons....
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    Grammarly just prized me for doing less mistakes. Now without spelling Kopywriting Kourse, I'm going to be a grammar rockstar. LOL.
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    Well, it was 7 years ago when I bought my first Kopywriting Kourse in appsumo... then bought AutoresponderKourse... but the thing I'll never forget... marked in my brain for life is... the monkey beard ... and of kourse, the post it note method... better than Blippi for sure!! 😂😂
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    Guest Moinuddin


    Well those who do Kopywriting like you, are the ones who give Kopywriting Books to Copywriters like me. But Kopywriters like me really like Copywriters like you. Being a Kopywriter like you, you will understand what I being a Copywriter kean... I mean, mean


    Kopywriting is great


    Kooks.. cooks oh sorry , your Books are great


    Hope you smile by reading this.

    I will be keeing.... seeing my mail tomorrow for your Kopyrighting.... Copywriting books

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    Guest Rohan Bhardwaj


    I figured that you didn't got the domain back then. And like everyone else, I too feel that earlier name was cool.


    The upside is that, now your copywriting course will get more organic traffic because of the correct spelling. At least, that's my guess.


    Congrats buddy.

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    Guest Marc Greto


    My mild OCD feels so much better and honestly, I’ve been in the “Hard C’ camp since birth (Marc not Mark).


    We should really blow this out.


    All Katies should become Caties because it’s root is Catherine.


    Kleenex should become Cleenex, since it’s a play on clean.  And it’s clean, not Klean.


    And won’t Kool Aid taste better and be much cooler when it’s Cool-Aid.


    Coca-Cola is the world’s most famous brand, crushing it with Hard C for 150 years.





    Founding member of the HARD C CLUB


    Marc G.  (Don’t call me Mark)

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    Guest Chris Garrigues


    I know it's scary to even think about tinkering with this brand you've put so much into. But it sounds like part of what you're saying is it's worth the perceived risk to let people know where you stand. That's awesome!!!
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    Guest Ian Connel


    I always felt that I needed to explain the K to people examining my credentials - but I was proud enough of the course to do so! Ultimately I'm glad for the change, and I'm putting that certified logo in my LinkedIn profile. One of the best courses I've ever taken!
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    The Ks were cute (as a Kathy, I am partial to that odd letter), but, ultimately, irrelevant. It’s your content and epic personality that shine through every amazing word you write that make your company so wonderful. I took the Kopywriting Kourse many years ago and AIDA has been a big part of my life ever since. It’s been a part of every type of writing I do. Whether it’s a boring email or an exciting FB ad, AIDA has been there for me because of you. Thank you and I’m sure your new name will help even more people since copywriters are good spellers.
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    My biggest learning is: Use big fonts and funny stick figures! Your emails are one of those which are the easiest on the eyes.
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    Guest Darren Jansen


    Regarding updating links from KK to CC: Won't the link juice pass on to CC through the redirect?


    Or no?

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