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    matthew-barby-autoresponder Matthew Barby is an SEO person, and his autoresponder is purely just good articles that don't really sell anything at all. He simply uses his autoresponder to engage and give to his audience. We're reproduced 10 of his autoresponder posts in sequence for you to get ideas from:

    Email 1:

    Subject Line: Great to Have You On Board! Sent WHEN THEY SIGN UP.

    Email 2:

    Subject Line: This is how you find optimization opportunities. Sent day 7.

    Email 3:

    Subject Line: It's one of my most useful hacks to date Sent day 12.

    Email 4:

    Subject Line: How to Find Anyone's Email Address Sent on day 12.

    Email 5:

    Subject Line: Learn How I Grow 5k+ Social Followings in 3 Months Sent on day 21.

    Email 6:

    Subject Line: How to Rank any Local Business Website Sent on day 34.

    Email 7:

    Subject Line: Hacking LinkedIn to Find Out WHO Visits Your Website 🔧 Sent on day 46.

    Email 8:

    Subject Line: 🌐 How to Get Links from Wikipedia 🌐 Sent on day 57.

    Email 9:

    Subject Line: Here's How You'll Reach #1 in Google. Sent on day 58.

    Email 10:

    Subject Line: Giving Google the answer they're after. Sent on day 67.
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