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    Mixergy Copy Teardown - Episode 2

    Know who Andrew Warner from Mixergy.com is?


    Well he’s a super hardworking dude/husband/father/entrepreneur that’s not only built several of his OWN companies, but also put out 1,146+ interviews with entrepreneurs…literally for free.

    (Best to watch in High Def on Fullscreen)

    The two times I was on his show both interviews blew up (and subsequently made me a lot of money). Woot! So when I saw an email from him today, I thought it could use a little Email Viagra!This is the original copy from the email he sent out, asking his audience for a favor:

    From: Andrew of Mixergy.com

    Subject: Did you do it?

    Hey, Andrew here.
    Can you help me with something real quick?
    I recently shared a cool little trick to make sure you get every new Mixergy interview–for free.If you missed it, just keep reading…


    If you did it already–awesome! You’re all set.

    Would you do me a quick favor, though?

    Go to iTunes and tell me what you think about Mixergy.

    (If you’re not sure how to add a review or rating,

    we’ll walk you through it here.)

    Or, if you have a serious bone to pick, feel free to hit ‘reply’ and tell me about it! ;) Your feedback is important to me.

    Oh, and I’m going to pick some great reviews to read during future Mixergy shows!

    Thanks, guys

    Andrew Warner – Founder, Mixergy

    PS. If you missed out on the cool trick to get every interview for free, don’t worry! It’s not too late. Here’s the gist:

    New Mixergy interviews are free to watch, but only for a limited time. After that, you have to be a Premium Member view it.

    I don’t want you to miss out, though. So click here, follow the instructions, and you’ll never miss an interview.

    Noooowww……I’m not sure if that was written by a member of his staff or Andrew himself, but it just seemed really weak.  

    I know Andrew has a SUPER LOYAL following, but I have a hunch this email didn’t work all that well.

    It was all ASK ASK ASK.

    And no GIVE GIVE GIVE.

    I would suggest trying this:

    1.) Some super-juicy info about behind the scenes at Mixergy. 

    2.) Show that you put these out for free. 

    3.) Make a small ask to review on iTunes. 

    Well here’s what I’m proposing Andrew change his copy to:

    From: Andrew of Mixergy.com

    Subject: some fun Mixergy stats

    Hey Andrew here, I hate doing this but it’d really help me out (or skip to the end to see the request):

    I work my freakin ass off to put out Mixergy interviews.

    I still put out 3 interviews per week.  Which means I have to:

    • Find people to interviews.
    • Do research on them.
    • Schedule a time in (which is super hard for busy people).
    • Coordinate 4 people to get the interview prepared.
    • ….not to mention all the email writing and WordPress stuff.

    I know some people think I “just do free Skype sessions” with guests….but it costs me over $1,400 per recording to produce each episode.

    It takes over 25 hours of cumulative man hours to put out a single episode.

    On top of this I’m a full time husband and full time dad of a 1 year old!!

    …….and then I put the interview out for free.  

    Only a small percentage of people pay for all the interviews which helps me cover costs.


    Could you please leave a review on iTunes of Mixergy?  

    That’s all.  It’s a slight pain in the ass to open iTunes and leave a comment, but it’ll seriously help me out A LOT.

    In fact when it’s 3am and I’m struggling to put out the next days Mixergy episode and I’m wondering “WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS FOR FREE!?” ……I look at my page and see the 5-star rating a 100+ reviews and remember why.

    I feel like I do a lot to put these episodes out.

    And if you’ve picked up any nuggets of info from them over the years, I would smile to the moon if you left a kind review.

    Click here to leave a Mixergy review on iTunes

    Looking forward to serving you more in the years to come,

    Andrew Warner – Founder of Mixergy


    P.S. Even though it takes very little time, I sincerely appreciate each and every review.  Thank you so much!

    I think this format is a lot more appealing!  

    1.) If offers up some small inside looks into what it takes to put out a Mixergy podcast.  

    2.) It shows how much damn work goes into getting this done, and makes them happier to go out of their way to share.  

    3.) Asks them to leave an iTunes review in the end, as if it were a sales pitch.  Not just a “hey review me dawg.”




    What if Andrew wants to request this again, but doesn’t want to send this long email out over-and-over?  Well how about posting something like this to the email list or twitter or FB or Instagram?


    I dunno if this would exactly be Andrew’s style….but it gets ALL that text across in a small little image.  

    If you see this Andrew, hopefully this helps for the future.  Have someone on your staff swipe the copy from above and re-try it…..see if it gets a better result! more effect! 

    And for anyone that DOES like Mixergy (like me!), go ahead and leave a review for the podcast!

    Hope you enjoyed Andrew!


    Neville Medhora




    P.S.  Leave a comment if you see anything else that could be improved, or letting me know you liked this!  There might be 2 free NevBox’s sent anywhere in the world to my two favorite comments ;)

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    Guest Justin O


    What about including that after leaving a review you'll get access to the interviews.... or am I mistaken?
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    Guest Neville


    I think it was just mentioned there was a "trick" to watching all the interviews free, which is watching them up to a week after their release.

    .....unless I'M mistaken also!

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    hahaha...Neville you are hilarious!

    I first stumbled upon your stuff though the Art of Charm interview but after this video I subscribed! Funny and so rich in information. Thank you!

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    Guest Justin O.


    Yes, I do believe I've been "tricked" by the wording... All the more reason for Andrew to use your format! Also, I just bought your Kopywriting Kourse and Amazon book and still can't get enough.... Thanks for all the inspiration, and keep kicking ass man!
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    Hey Nev,

    These tear downs are solid. You have an awesome ability to cut right to the core of messaging/communication. Keep 'em coming!

    I recently made some edits on the homepage of one of our sites. Feel free to rip it apart ;-) http://www.llcinpa.com


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    Guest Becky wheeler


    I'm so curious if the updated version would work. It feels guilt driven, which I don't tend to be a fan of. But we are funny people and what drives the most behavior isn't always what makes the most sense on the surface.

    I will say it invoked more emotion/response from me, which is more than the first version did.

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Becky, I didn't mean to make it sound super guilt driven (though looking at it...maybe it is a bit).

    I meant for it to sound like:

    [Andrew does hard work] --> [All he asks is a small favor to keep going]

    I think if he communicated that effectively, it wouldn't come off as guilt-driven (because that just bums people out).

    Glad it hit the right emotions though, that was partly the point!

    Thanks Becky!

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    This was so great. Favorite blogger still going strong!!! Keep it up Neville :)
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    Guest Brandon Turner


    Nice, Neville. I'm stealing both these ideas for the BiggerPockets Podcast :)
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    Guest Robin


    Great stuff Neville, as always! I used this approach just yesterday to get reviews on a course and it brought more in reviews in 24 hours than in the last 3 weeks.
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    Guest Lucca Mordente


    Actually the trick is to turn on automatic downloads in iTunes so you can keep the episodes forever. Otherwise you can only see the previous 7 days of episodes on the podcast feed.

    I'm a big fan of Mixergy as well, Neville. And it was how I found about you, few years ago :)

    Nice work on the copy, btw. I always found the Mixergy mails a little bit weak. Andrew should really rethink and apply your techniques to increase his conversion rates. His content is fucking awesome!

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    Guest Jenny Sjolund


    What about including a what's-in-it-for-me blurb to put it in perspective for people- like if they enjoy this FOR FREE and want to keep getting it FOR FREE, then support it by leaving a pain-in-the-ass iTunes comment. Maybe even acknowledge, like you did in your teardown, that leaving iTunes comments is a pain in the ass.

    I know I rarely leave iTunes comments for that reason- and it annoys me when I am asked to, because it's always so flip when really it's something that's a pain to do. I'm pretty sure if an app (that's usually what asks me to leave iTunes comments) popped up a notification that said "I know it's a pain in the ass, but please rate us!" I just might actually do it.

    Maybe while we're at it let's start a petition to get iTunes to change it's pain-in-the-ass ways. I feel like I'm saying ass too much. Ass.

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    Guest Piotr


    Awesome juice Nev!

    The long copy sounded a tiny weeny bit pathetic / whiney, but the picture put a banana smile on my face, so I'd personally go with the pic.

    Like how you teared the copy apart and amplified Andrew's efforts and minimised the ask. Neat!

    Now, Nev brother, If you like this comment, please send me a copy of your delicious NevBox. I've been freaking dreaming of that thing for years now! Peace

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    Guest Arnaud


    Hey Nev, this is super useful!

    One thing I'd add to the image is a short URL (eg mixergy.com/itunereview) which redirects to the review page. Links on Instagram posts are not clickable. So you might want to give people the option to enter the URL manually in the address bar.

    P.S. Will be super pumped if you rip my site: http://kipkitchen.com/freebies


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    Guest Mary Kathryn Johnson


    Andrew's email request got me to subscribe already, but your rework would have provided the guilt I would have needed if I was still on the fence.

    Trying this on my next email for sure!


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    Guest Neville


    Yeah Lucca I agree! Content kick ass on Mixergy.....emails are weaker.

    I think a good thing to do would be pull the BIG THREE LESSONS from each video, and include them on the email.

    That would be super quick and easy for the Mixergy team. It would also give the newsletter readers something to look forward too.....and tell them when an interview is (or is not) up their alley.

    Thanks Lucca!

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    Guest Lewis LaLanne


    Excellent use of what Jay Abraham talked about decades ago when he was preaching the need to communicate the work that goes into providing the value you do for your audience - especially when you're going above and beyond and giving it to them for free.

    One of my favorite examples of this was when he was talking about all the hoops he jumped through to show a rare Gary Halbert presentation to his audience. Another one he favored was the Schlitz beer example.

    He makes the point that you don't want to just hope that your audience appreciates all the work that goes into them getting a superior product or service from you. You instead want to make sure they know it so they're proud of what they're buying and grateful for having the chance to have access to it.

    The job of artfully communicating this is key. I think you've done so here Neville. :)

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    Guest Winson Teo


    I would add on in the last section that "leaving a review helps others like you find this podcast which in turn helps them in their business. So not only are you helping me, you are helping a fellow entrepreneur out as well."
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    Guest Steve Falvo



    A site tear down would be great, buuuutttt I learned all of my copy writing from you. After all, how could I possibly be responsible for my own Krappy Kopy?

    After a month of taking a horrible RoR course, I'm beginning to write everyday.

    The site is http://barnewbie.com

    P.S. to

    Matt of http://www.llcinpa.com, I was just looking up how to llc in PA this morning, good site.

    Remember Nev singing in the Kopywriting Kourse, "Nobody cares about you, they only care about themselves". Hope that helps.

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    Guest Andrew Warner


    This is some of the best guidance I've ever gotten. You're so freakin' brilliant. I don't know how you can whip this stuff up so quickly.

    The email only went out to 1/2 the list. I'll send your approach to the other 1/2 of the list and see what the numbers look like.

    Frankly through, it's not about the numbers. Your approach is just a better way to talk to people. Even if it doesn't lift the numbers, I'd rather say what you wrote.

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    Guest Neville



    Like Lucca said in his comment:


    .....your content is kick ass, but emails are meh.

    I would suggest you include the 3 juiciest tips from each interview (along with the min/sec they are at), and freely publish them.

    IF people are interested in a particular point, they can check out the video for a more in depth review.

    Lemme know how the numbers work out Andrew, or hit me up if you want help writing it!

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    Guest lakeisha


    any of my sites lol i know the copy sucks!!




    this is awesome that you are doing this!!

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