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    Four Things To Make A Great Cold Sales Email:

    Here's how to quickly go through and make your email better (which can result in HUGE changes in results)!
    1.) Make your emails seem personal. 2.) Give them something, or keep it short. 3.) Use this outline: --Intro --What this product will do for them? --What will happen if they get this? --When can we talk? 4.) End with a SINGLE request.

    EXAMPLE 1: Dental Sales

    Let's totally revamp this dental sales pitch from snooze-fest to sales-grabber:

    EXAMPLE 2: Hotel Consultant

    Whoa boss....let's talk a little less about YOU, and more about what you can do for THEM:

    EXAMPLE 3: Account Manager Help

    Let's make things simpler for everyone:

    5 Email Hacks That Make Everyone's Life Easier:

    While we're talking about cold emails here....let's learn a few tricks that will save you (and the person you're emailing) a bunch of time! If you want to want to remind someone to reply to your email without looking whiny:
    Bump trick. If you want to get someone to respond with a specific item:
    “What I need from you is:” in bold. [Item needed] + [Timeframe]. If you want to remind yourself of something: Forward an email to 2days@Followup.cc to remind yourself (need to signup first). When emailing busy people: Include the phrase “No response needed.” When trying to schedule a meeting over email:
    Give specific dates then "change if needed".

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