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    Making sales pages easy:

    Let's deconstruct a sales page. You know, one of those looonnggg behemoths pages that attempts to sell stuff? Sales pages also happen to work well, because they're basically just long sales pitches that use the AIDA formula in Video 5. Let's break down a sales page so you can make them yourself, easily!  

    The Sales Page Outline Template:

    Here's a template you can just fill out to start creating your sales page. Watch how simple it is to use this, and create a sales page with very little effort:

    Watch how we "collapse" a sales page:

    A sales page is simply a few "sections" of copy just merged together. Let's make up a fake product called "GoogWord" and make a sales page by simply answering a few questions. GoogWord Sales Page (click each section to expand): See how four simple sections mushed together than form an entire sales page?? It's easier than people think!

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