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What Are You Most Grateful For In 2019?


what are you grateful for

We’re starting to wrap up 2019, and it’s time for some reflection…

What are 3 things you’re grateful for this year?

What are things you could have improved?

Leave your responses in the comments below!


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P.S. Use a fake name if you don’t want to publicly reveal yourself (but please use a real answer—the more specific, the better).

P.P.S. An example response might look like:

In 2019, I’m grateful for falling in love with an awesome person, landing a flexible remote job, and finally being able to run again after 6 months of physical therapy.

I could have improved 2019 by setting monthly goals, watching less Netflix, and calling mom more often.

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Hi everyone! So far this year, I'm grateful for

The amazing people online and offline that have inspired me and supported me

Having published my first book and run my first marathon on (no training)

Being able to be based in different cities throughout the year

And a bonus one…

Still having 7 weeks ahead (13% of the year) to finish the year on a high.

Looking forward to reading more comments. What about you Neville?

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Guest Michael


In 2019,

I'm grateful for the health of my family and friends.

I'm grateful for the things I own and have. Less is more.

I am grateful for the kind of opportunity I am blessed to grow up and be exposed to.

I could have improved 2019 by looking after my health, being more productive and accountability.

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Guest Ruth Howard


Three things I'm most grateful for:

*That family worked well together to sell my dad's property without strife/discord

*Sharing windfall inheritance with my son

* Good Health


*Weight loss

*Weight loss

*Weight loss

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1. The strangers who assisted me finacially

2. The Internet  With internet I can learn new skills, do online shopping and work from home

I need to improve on my health and expediate my course at soonest possible

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1) I am grateful for even being born in this wonderful era with so much opportunity

2) i am grateful that i have a roof and all the essentials to live comfortably

3) i am grateful for having good health and a supportive mother

Things i could improve:

1) socialize more

2) eliminate fear from my life

3) start taking action

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I am grateful for having new opportunities to work as a freelance writer

I am grateful for good health throughout the year

I am grateful to have a loving and supportive family

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Guest Gauri Ghatnekar


I am grateful for landing up a wonderful copywriting opportunity with a reputed company, improve upon my writing skills and finally accepting the fact that I am just as much a dentist as I am a writer.

I wish I could improve more upon my upper back strength and effective hours put into writing.

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Hello, everyone! I love reading posts like this!

I am grateful for:

A therapist and friends who want to help me grow personally/professionally

The opportunity to go back to school to improve my quality of life in the future

Owning my condo for one year, with no major financial setback or repairs

I need to improve:

Socializing more so I can find "my people" after moving to another state

Letting my curiosity move me to explore instead of letting fear be in control

Being proud of all I've accomplished this year, even if progress felt small

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Guest Polly Brown


In 2019 I am grateful for:

1. Finding a new hobby in stand up comedy

2. Gaining confidence in being a content writer

3. Finding new friends and having a great family

To improve

1. Less negativity

2. More exercise

3. Fewer trips to the local public house

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Hey there! I'm really grateful for

1) Starting my business, which is doing okay' ish

2) meditating for 217 days straight, including today.

3) exploring a self which was lost and hidden for a looonggg timee.


But guess what, I still have 7 more weeks, and oh boy! I'm gonna crush my online business and move out of my parents home to a different city ( p.s. I'm in India and 19). It's gonna be a big move.

I'm super excited for the change and new things that will happen in 2020.


Let's crush the last few weeks!!!

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Guest Richard J.


Im grateful for rediscovering my work passion with a company I’ve been with for a long time. The rediscovery happened by moving to another area after being in a position far too long. Rediscover reading and writing. I need to improve my writing (Yo, Neville!) so, 2020 will see me joining Kopywriting Kourse!


Having just turned 61 y/o yesterday, my tank still has gas in it so:

* Health with running once again, lifting weights and expand my food tastes.

* Transition to a second chapter of my work life to keep me on my toes. TBD will be the fun I believe!



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Hey all,

I just wanna say that the three things I'm grateful for this year are:

1. Having had the chance to travel to Japan and China to work for different businesses with different job titles. It was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for the world!

2. Coming home finally and getting settled in to my old life. I know I have a lot to do coming up but I'm confident that with my new skills and outlook on life, I will be able to hit the ground running and build a life that I desire and am proud of!

3. Meeting friends and family

I've met a ton of new people this year and quite a few of them have helped me see the potential I have to be better than I was before. I hope to prove them right and make the rest of 2019 the most productive transition period of my life.

It's gonna take a lot of focus and grit, but I'm all fired up and grateful for every minute I'm back in the land of the free and home of the brave. Let's do this thing! 👍 👍 👍

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That sounds like an awesome trip, Daniel! Adventures like that can really change your outlook on life. Hope next year is as good as this one!
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Hey Richard, rediscovering your passion is huge! Keep up the great work and we'll done with the exercise, I hope I'm still running around in my sixties!
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I’m grateful:

That my dog is now fit & strong after her health problems this year.

That I found the strength to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry.

That I finally managed to get on top of and maintain my health & fitness.


Should've started my business before the end of the year.

Should've saved more money than I did.

Should’ve been more open to the potential of a personal relationship.

(AKA I should’ve stopped constantly procrastinating!!!!)

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Love the attitude, Sash! You're right, there's still plenty of time left in the year to reach those goals!
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Confidence is everything when it comes to freelance writing - keep up the great work!
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I love these exercises too! Sometimes it's easy to forget all the good things that happened to you unless you consciously take the time to reflect :-)
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Guest Anthony


1. I'm grateful for getting fired and being wise enough to save hecka money to live off of while I started a new biz that finally is getting sales now.


2. Snowboarding for the first time ever in Vail. My ass never hurt so bad! Also traveled to the Phillipines and met tons of family.


3. Personal growth. I had lots of shitty things happen to me but it made me stronger and wiser. Constant growth and learning helped me overcome mental anguish and depression. Having good friends helped too.


I couldve worked harder and focused more on me and self care instead of trying to please and help everybody when I wasnt in a good position to be my best self for them.

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Congrats on the new freelance writing gigs, Kalis. Keep up the great work!
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I love #1! It's easy to take for granted all the amazing opportunities we have now that they didn't in the past
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I love when strangers help each other...we need more of that in the world! :-)
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It's awesome to hear a family working together with money at stake. And good luck with the weight loss, you can do it!
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In 2019, I'm grateful for

1. How my mom, brother, and I handled the logistics of my dad dying and took care of mom who was fully dependent on my dad prior to his death. The three of us fumbled with paperwork and learning the ropes but it's it hasn't been a full year yet and we're still standing and sometimes we're able to laugh together.

2. i'm still struggling income-wise with working for myself but i've outearned what i earned last year

3. landed my first paid travel gig.

In 2019, I could have improved by doing less free work,  charging more, and saying no more often.

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