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    Love your newsletters. I am inspired by them. In this mail, I found the essay part interesting.


    Sometimes I feel guilty reading your free stuff with sooo much useful information.

    Thanks for these gifts that drop into my email every Friday.


    I always enjoy these emails. So many salient points as well as info that is fun to read.


    Your e-mails are insightful, helpful, and hilarious 🙂


    Thank you for your always amazing FRIDAY email !!😘


    Been really enjoying your emails. This one was stacked with goodness. Thank you. P.S. Signed up after you took over Noah Kagan’s newsletter one week. 💪


    I really love these emails. I lol'd at the hand counting thing, b/c that's how I learned from my mom. At any rate, just wanted to say I look forward to these on Friday. Thanks!


    IMHO this is your best email yet. Why? You shared several actionable ideas but also added your personal responses which helps the reader connect with you.

    I know you know this stuff cuz you're a damn good copywriter. You always do these things, but this email was especially awesome. 


    I signed up for your newsletter this week after listening to your podcast with Chris Do and I love your emails already 😃


    Writing this to say how much I enjoyed the email. Giggled the whole way through. You're killing it man!


    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your emails and they always come directly after lunch on Fridays so now I associate your emails with good weekend vibes!


    I got more value from your course in 30 minutes than my entire university degree! So thanks for doing what you're doing.


    As a solopreneur I am bombarded with advice to grow my email list...

    ...the only email autoresponder that I’ve EVER liked was yours. Thank you.


    Been here for long reading You and following You.  I follow what you post. 

    This email rocked in many ways... Nothing for me was new but loved how u presented each statement. It says lots of what You do for a living. 

    Cheers Neville, love to be around and thanks for always sharing. 


    Big fan of your work. Your weekly STUPID email is the kind of email I'll stop what I'm doing and enjoyably procrastinate on. So, thank you 😂


    Love your weekly newsletter... one of the few I read every single time.


    Neville, I love your Friday newsletters! I look forward to reading them each week. Please keep up the great work.


    Cool Friday email. I listened and viewed for the first time. My friend is a great writer, so I sent him the photo of EB White.  I’m sure to receive a quick and interesting response. After viewing this email this morning, I am going to send out a combo email to my benefactors for my charity in Watts, Los Angeles.  Thanks for the kickstart!


    You're very funny. Your emails make me laugh and I learn a lot from from them.


    I loooooove your STUPID email. It's so inspiring... Thank you!!!


    Thanks for your emails that are practical, entertaining, and graciously informative.


    Your emails are bombastic as I read your email till end and as a copywriter I gain much knowledge and this latest email pushed me to appreciate your email sequences which landed in my inbox regularly.

    So just you are 🔥🔥🔥

    Always inspired by your Friday emails. I found your list of 20 thought provoking questions especially engaging.


    I think you are awesome! Truly. Your email is about the only one I actually read all the way through every Friday.


    I’m a recent subscriber and look forward to reading every last word every Friday. Thank you!


    Thanks so much for the awesome content. Love the business questions – it will totally help me in my consulting practice.


    I LOVE your newsletters! This is such a fun and informative issue.


    Absolutely love your newsletter and the content you put out - it's one of only three that I make a point to read!



    Thanks for the uplifting email! I opened it thinking to unsubscribe because my inbox was getting too cluttered. But I didn’t. I was feeling blah and reading your email perked me up.


    This was a great email Neville! Great work! Big fan of your Friday emails!


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