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    “I subscribe to about 20 lists. Social triggers and appsumo included. Yours are hands down the most entertaining and best. Seriously. Kudos.” 
    —Jamey Kramar 

    “You’re the only guy I open the emails before just deleting. Unreal content.” 
    —Aaron S.

    You really ARE a great copywriter. Out of the 50 emails I get a day, I find myself excited to open yours. I see the headline and I‘m immediately intrigued. Even a simple headline like “what is copywriting“ because I know something good will be inside. Your emails and the content you share are always so interesting, useful and entertaining. Thank you!

    “Hey Neville, whats up?
    Let me come straight to the point and tell you what’s the best thing I did this month:
    1. No, It was not closing the biggest deal in my sales career of 1.5 years.
    2. It wasn’t getting the best numbers on the scoreboard as the financial year ends.
    3. It was also not getting fuming hot response from a big shot actress for a business proposal with my company.
    It was… Subscribing to Copywriting Course! Yeah you heard me!  :D
    I’ve never written something that appeals my audience so well. The response rate to my cold/ hot/ luke warm mails has gone up to 40% from just 10% last month.
    So yeah..accidentally landing on your page and subscribing to it was definitely the best thing I did. Thanks for the direct/ indirect encouragement. looking forward to write better in future  :)”
    —Priya M.

    “God damnit I love your emails man. You are a legend my friend.”
    —Michael McGreal

    “You are really inspiring Neville! I am in business collage in Linköping Sweden, try to study as little as possible and use the rest of my time for bad ass business projects! Thanks for your AWESOME emails!!! Peace.”

    “Not blowing smoke up your ass, but I do genuinely dig getting your emails.”

    “Your kopy stuff + hustling examples helped me to land a marketing job with my coach who has offered me free coaching ($1000/month) in return for some copywriting + marketing work.”

    “I‘ve been a subscriber to your mailing for the past year & I have to say you are truly inspirational. Your style of writing & communicating is quite frankly a breath of fresh air. I just wish I had someone like that looking over my shoulder every day telling me to stop procrastinating!! 

    Anyway, just dropping a line to say many thanks for your thought provoking & brutally honest emails. They sure make you sit & think……”
    —Ali H.

    I delete a lot of emails that come through my inbox. I work a full time day job, am in full time grad school, and have 2 sites (both of which are being branded and bettered). I get a lottt if emails and I always look forward to opening yours because of their purpose for me and the entertainment in the way you write!
    —Natasha M.

    “Damet Neville, give me more! It‘s not a matter of wanting more. I need more!
    This free info stuff is like crack! Only better. And Free! Keep it coming!”
    —Marty Jackson

    “Your email is the first I read and usually the stuff I enjoy most.”

    “Your emails are just great! Kept me reading and reading till the end of it. They are always full of inspirations and that makes me ready to go whenever I feel down.”

    Neville, you are SO bad ass. I literally select all my “junk mail“ to “mark as read“ yet I always find myself opening and reading your emails :-)  Keep up the awesome-ness.



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