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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    How to improve an UpWork profile, and take freelancing career to the next level.

    Andreas already does pretty well on UpWork, but wants to know how to take his freelance copywriting to the next level. We discuss how to keep track of old clients so he knows where the money is coming from.

    Increasing website conversion on a home buying website

    Jamie already has a high converting webpage for home buying, so we show him ways to further improve it through analytics.

    Selling SEO services through cold email, how to better email fashion brands

    Art and David want to cold email fashion brands to get them to buy their SEO services, and we go through and improve their cold emails

    Fixing a landing page about building a career in Plain Language

    Ahsan is using way too many buzzwords in his new sales page, and we help him turn it into Plain Language!

    How to create an effective buying environment in your copy?

    Vincent was curious about Joseph Sugarman’s idea of “selling a concept and not a product.”

    Making a cold email to 12,000+ CTO’s sexier and more appealing

    We help Shane make a better cold email to test. Previous results of an email test were 583 CTO’s → 24% open → 2.7 clicked → 1.7 unsubscribe → Zero responses. Let’s see if we can improve that!

    Improving an email to get better app usage

    We do a critique of an email Zak is sending out to his list of people to use a phone app for meditation.

    Improving a website for a Wrap-It organization product

    We see if we could dramatically increase the buying crowd of an eCommerce product called Wrap-It Storage System. We demonstrate this with images, and also add some humor to it like the client requested!

    Making a motivational speaker page better

    We see if David can make a clients motivational speaker page better by visualizing some of her accolades.

    Trouble promoting a jewelry business on social media

    Social media is often lower engagement than many people expect for certain businesses.

    Copy on an affiliate health product

    It’s not good news, but it seems like some of these affiliate products are doomed from the start.

    How to start mailing to a list of leads and customers that haven’t been contacted in years?

    Matthew has 1,000,000+ email contacts who he’d like to re-engage with, and we make an email to start that process and give some rules to follow.

    When setting up an autoresponder o you just provide valuable information or sell to them too?

    We show Erica how she can sell to her list over and over again without them getting upset!

    When to call, email, or visit in person when marketing?

    Douglas may be buying a new franchise business, so we see when it’s best to email new prospects, call them, or visit them in person.

    Do you have seperate lists for your email sequences?

    For Marina’s children’s writing academy she wants to know how often to contact people and how to gain a little more confidence in selling the product.
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