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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Skills to take copywriting career to the next level?

    Ian wants to see how to take a career in copywriting up a notch, and we discuss the different methods this is possible.

    13,000 email CTO cold email, reviewing if it’s good enough.

    We take an email that Shane is sending out to CTO’s and review it to see if it’s good.

    First book publishing to gamers

    Raven wants to launch his first book, and already got a professional web development and animation firm to create an awesome website. We see how he can more efficiently launch this book with the help of an email list and giveaway.

    Giving away free consultations to get more copywriting clients?

    Andreas wants to take his copywriting to the next level, so we figure out different strategies to increase the size of contracts.

    Welding machine ad copy revision

    Vincent has started in a new industry, and is writing copy to attract B2B clients. Let’s see how he can better accomplish this.

    eBook digital course sales page copy review

    David is writing the copy for an eBook course, and we review it to see how it could sell better.

    New sales page for psychology training

    Zak completely re-styled his sales page for a psychology training product and it looks great. Also we answer some questions about other copywriting books, how to use stories in emails, and what software to use to track his new sales page.

    New podcast content type upgrade

    ob started a new podcast and wants to see how to make sure the content gets re-used properly in different formats such as YouTube, blog posts, and audio.

    Giveaway landing page design

    We go over FlashVote’s new giveaway and see if we can get Kevin more email signups through the use of existing giveaway software.

    Am I selling hard enough in the autoresponder for custom children’s writing course?

    Marina has made a great product, but is afraid of being “too salesy.” We show her how to write so that she’s being “informative” and never annoying!
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