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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Magic questions to ask before a consultation.

    Lee wanted to know what “magic questions” to ask before starting a consultation with a client that would help him better understand their business.

    Making a lead capture page.

    Is it better to make clients click a button, or just sign up their info right away? We demonstrate how Ryan should change his page for higher conversions.

    Best lead capture page style

    We change up Gerards lead capture page to be more effective.

    Sending a sales pitch through text message.

    We see how to send a sales pitch through text message, and the implications it might have.

    Changing up a consulting website to be more effective.

    It’s easy to help clients with their website, but hard to do it for yourself. So we help Michael optimize his website.

    Optimizing a profile on a Certified Financial Planner marketplace.

    We help Christina optimize her profile on a website that helps people find Certified Financial Planners, including add nice looking HTML to it!

    SEO research to find the first few articles to write.

    We help Rob figure out which articles to write for KickstartReading.com

    Writing the welcome email after a customer signs up.

    We help Aaron optimize the welcome email that goes out after a customer signs up to a health clinic.
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