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Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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Making an electronic Sign Animation company homepage better

We go through Deb’s interesting company that makes electronic sign animations for companies, and show her how some simple videos and descriptions could increase effectiveness.

Getting more opt-ins from homepage and popups

We go through Eddy’s dating website and show him how he can use simpler pop ups, add phone numbers, and even make cool Google Spreadsheet downloads for readers.

Tinder autoresponder improvement

How to get more sales for a Tinder dating course by selling through an autoresponder

How to improve a blog post

We go through Vinod’s good blog post and try to make it even better :)

Mental ad re-write crituques

We go through some quick critiques for Kody’s “mental ad re-write” exercise

Improving copy and video for clothes sewing webinar

We go through Juliet’s first foray into webinars and Facebook Ads and see how she can improve signup rates and engagements for teaching people how to make their own clothes.
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