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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Repositioning a health fitness and CrossFit company

    We take Todd through how to reposition his fitness company so he can show people they need to do basics before becoming buff. The job of a good marketer is to show people what they want to become, but make them understand the proper way to get their. In this case (fitness) we can do this visually.

    How to make a portfolio website

    Fiona wants to take her simple portfolio to the next level with a portfolio website, here’s how we suggest to structure it.

    How to guest blog for big websites

    Gurjeet wants to know how he can score some guest posts for large websites like Lifehacker and The Huffington Post. We show him our technique.

    Advice for getting into copywriting moving from B2B sales.

    We show Denny the advantages of working for a well known company first. However also show him how to get his first few small copywriting gigs to test the waters.

    Become a copywriter, or stick to video and animation?

    Ian wants to become a copywriter, but is more experienced in video and animation. Is there a best way to change careers, or blend these two skill sets? We show Ian how he can take his multiple skills are charge more for them together.

    Collateral loan site email

    Seeing if we can improve Ejay’s email list for her collateral loan site.

    How to charge for copywriting, and reviewing new freelancing website.

    We show Annabel multiple methods to charge for her freelance copywriting, and also take a look at her new website.

    How to charge more for copywriting projects (and current client prices too)

    We show Teegan who has been copywriting for 2+ years how to increase her rates, and charge for a “product package” rather than hourly.
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