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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Rewriting a Craigslist landscaping ad.

    We show Chad how to improve an ad he re-wrote for a Craigslist landscaping service, and how to make it better with images.

    Getting first copywriting gigs by posting on Facebook.

    We show Vincent how we’d utilize our Facebook friend network to get copywriting gigs quickly.

    Great portfolio and how to improve it (and show pricing technique)

    Taking Ian through how we’d improve his already great portfolio, and show him our freelancer pricing framework.

    Hubspot or Infusionsoft? How to know which system to choose?

    We quickly show Deb the way we’d pick an email and marketing software.

    How to improve Juliet’s sewing YouTube channel.

    We get Juliet to remove all irrelevant videos so her sewing channel can grow.

    Tripling clients by raising rates, and re-doing portfolio.

    We already got Fiona much higher rates from the last office hours, now let’s see how to make her portfolio shine!

    Sending out a direct mail drop to city government officials.

    We help Kevin design a better flyer for getting city government officials to use his surveying service FlashVote.

    Designing a cold email for real estate developers.

    We show Erica how we’d go about getting the word out about their financing products to real estate developers.

    Selling Pax Lighting to designers (how to cold email them)

    We take Teegan through the methods we’d use on how to sell their high end lighting systems to designers.

    Using video in email, or no?

    We show Chad the best practices for using email on a webpage vs email.
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