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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    How to list your “About Profile” on a marketplace website.

    When posting a profile to a marketplace website such as Upwork (or an accounting site in this case), always make sure to have a great picture, focus on getting lots of great reviews, and posting good testimonials.

    Is there any difference between writing a "one-off" sales email vs. one that is part of a sequence?

    Writing a single one-off email can be easily translated into an email sequence. Watch as we come up with a ton of ideas for Gerard to utilize in his next emails.

    How to figure out the best SEO’d article to write (and which sections to include).

    Watch as we figure out what SEO content to write for O'neisha’s Pharmacy Tech Exam website. We then fill in each section she needs to write.

    Should I put pricing on a signup page? Best way to handle this?

    Kristian has a page where offers his artistic services for events, but is worried if he posts the prices he will never be able to get more. Here’s how this is handled.

    Optimizing a homepage for more sales.

    Rob wants to optimize https://kickstartreading.com for more sales after they released the product. We go through his homepage to see where he can improve, and then where he can PROMOTE his website. Remember: An optimized website with 0 traffic will get 0 results!

    My new online course isn’t selling well, let’s see if we can pinpoint the problem.

    Bill created a new online course, and asked people for reasons they didn’t buy. We analyze why it didn’t sell well the first time around, and ways he can offer more “Done For You” solutions to bring in more money.
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