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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Fiona’s new personal copywriting portfolio webpage.

    Fiona created a kickass new portfolio page after our last call, and it turned out great!

    Helping Shane with a CTO cold email.

    We review a cold email Shane will be sending to 13,000 CTO’s and make it much much shorter and specific.

    Reviewing Ian’s new portfolio and 3-Tiered pricing structure.

    Ian already had some small success with his 3-Tier Pricing pitch, but let’s see if we can further increase his chances of scoring a big contract.

    Seeing if we can increase conversion on Dustin’s real estate course.

    His course is already selling tons, but we see if we can button up any loose ends to increase conversion.

    Improving a fitness workout email.

    Let’s see what we can do to make Vincent’s fitness emails more valuable for the audience.

    Cold emailing 300 entertainment lawyers in Los Angeles.

    Erica has a successful site for entertainment lawyer leads, but she wants to sell those leads to lawyers, and we make a new cold email for her.

    Reviewing Teegan’s “10 Reason to buy from Pax” page.

    We see if Teegan’s page for her lighting company can be improved to get contracts from high end designers.

    Re-writing a flashlight eCommerce description.

    Chad already writers for an insurance company, but is trying out eCommerce writing, and also curious how to put these pieces into an autoresponder.

    Got first paying chatbot client and reviewing it.

    Annabel signed her first paying client for building a chatbot and we review it and see where she could improve it.
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