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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Is it necessary to have a blog to start out as a copywriter

    Andrew wants to know if you need a blog to start as a copywriter, but we show an easier way and demonstrate.  

    I wrote an email for a copywriting client, but they are insisting on adding their own content, what to do?

    Katie got 7 new copywriting clients, and one of them wants to add an “About Us” section despite it being a not-so-great idea. We show how to get around this and appease the client while still making sales.  

    How to get press and promotion?

    Rob is starting to get a bit of press for KickStartReading.com and wants to learn how to get more, we show him some ways and techniques.  

    Re-doing father’s Gifted Children Program testing service.

    Rob is trying to help his father re-do his Gifted Children Program testing service program website, and we give him some advice, including how to dominate the search engines for their keywords.  
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