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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    How to get more gigs on UpWork for my profile.

    We see how Katie can get more gigs on UpWork by upping the social proof metrics.

    Optimizing a boat rental homepage.

    We help Drew optimize his boat rental webpage by adding just a few elements on the page.

    Optimizing a power washing direct mailer.

    Ryan wrote a power washing direct mail piece to 450 people, let’s see if we can improve it together.

    Weed Box of The Month.

    We see if we can validate a box of the month service in the marijuana industry for Rob.

    Writing car sale ad copy (and trying to get gigs).

    Roger is looking to improve his copywriting skills and has impressively written a bunch of ads to get started. We review his ads, and see how he can get gigs the fastest way possible with some pre-written scripts for Facebook.

    Reviewing a lawyer email signup page.

    We see if we can optimize and re-do a page designed to get leads for lawyers.
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