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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Rapid Fire Beginner Copywriter Questions.

    Bern asks a bunch of great beginner copywriter questions including about pricing, consulting, cold emailing, and big vs small companies to write for.

    Reviewing a social media course for real estate landing page.

    Krista asks how she can improve a landing page for a social media course designed for real estate agents.

    Reviewing a course for educating real estate agents on Millennial homebuyers.

    We make some updates to a page Roger has on Millennial homebuyers, and how to better describe the course to older real estate agents.

    Improving a dating coach consulting page.

    Roger wants to improve a clients coaching page, and we give him some suggestions how to structure it better.

    Re-doing a piece of direct mail aimed at foreclosed homeowners.

    We go through a direct mail pitch with Ryan, and create a direct mailer for buying homes.
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