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    Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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    Give feedback on a phone repair business.

    Andrew is doing a new website for a client (a phone repair business) and we go through and see how we can optimize it.

    Questions about HIPPA compliance on emails and what not to send.

    Andrew asks for a medical client how long to send emails, and if there’s any issues with sending out certain type of medical promotion.

    How to do initial research for a new client.

    Andrew asks what the best way to go about doing a “deep dive” of research on a new client.

    How long do you send people an autoresponder sequence, and know when to stop?

    We explore how long you should send clients emails on an autoresponder before stopping.

    Is using images or text better for a fashion company?

    We see if fashion companies should utilize more copy than visual content in their email campaigns.

    Updating a dating coaches consulting page

    We help Roger go through a dating coaches website and try to improve and optimize it to get more consulting sessions.

    How to charge a big client for Facebook Ads, Email Copy, and writing Sales Pages

    We show Jay how to price his services with a free tool, and making “packages” instead of selling individual services.

    Changing a giant companies cold emails and content.

    We go through a large companies cold emails to customers and dive into how they can make much better content for it.
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