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Change words, change the impact

VIDEO 1: Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you can make an auto-responder

“But Neviilllleeeee…….my industry doesn’t use auto-responders, so I can’t usssee them!” WHATEVER.  Every industry can use an auto-responder:

VIDEO 2: You don’t need to pressure sell people.

I hate it when marketers try to pressure-sell.  When you hard-sell people it: ….causes more refunds. ….people feel scammed. ….people are less likely to buy from you again. You can still get amazing results WITHOUT pressuring people to buy:

CASE STUDY: BLOG. NevBlog. Posts they may have missed.

Here’s how an auto-responder can help a blog out:

CASE STUDY: eCommerce

Here’s how an auto-responder can help an eCommerce site out (or any type of website that sells something):

CASE STUDY: Info product. SumoBlueprintLIVE.

Here’s how an auto-responder can work for an info product. This is how we very successfully used it for the SumoBusinessBlueprintLIVE.

CASE STUDY: Boring Industry Consulting. PPCRenegade. Showing actual case studies of people who successfully used them.

Here’s how an auto-responder can help a business selling boring consulting services:

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