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    Normally this step is skipped because the other stuff works well. However, this is a fun thing to do, and also kind of “observe” what people look at. Ferriss told this story how he would watch a fake cover of his book in a book store. If all of these things don’t work. There’s a problem with your service, your price, or your audience. It’s not the price if it’s low.

    Photography flyer to post:

    Honestly this is the step most people skip, because the other methods get them clients so quickly! A One-Pager is a single sheet of paper you can hand out that gives people a high-level overview of your service. The best part about these One-Pagers is that we can stick em up on a wall in front of everyone's face! Here's a One Pager I made for our new photography service:
    Photography One Pager (You can click that image and go to the Google Doc it was made in. Then click File --> Make A Copy to edit your own version).
    This ad isn't designed to be pretty...it's designed simply to get people who are interested in a photography session to call us:
    photography flyer template
    You can print a bunch of these babies out and plaster them all around town!
    • Post one in a college union center...maybe a student wants some professional headshots.
    • Post one at a local coffee shop...maybe some cool hipster dude will grab a session.
    • Post one at a music store...maybe a band will grab a group photoshoot.
    • Post one at a daycare...maybe someone will want a family photoshoot.
    The best part is these can be printed on a regular ink-jet printer for extremely cheap. Just $1 worth of flyers can potentially bring in hundreds or even thousands of brdollars!

    Wordpress Flyer for Bulletin Boards:

    Here's a printed out and taped-up version of a Wordpress website flyer that has worked: wordpress flyer posted You can download and customize this One Pager flyer with your own information. Click the template then click File --> Make A Copy to edit your own:
    Try posting these kinds of flyers for your services in public places where people might need the service. Just a small investment in a few sheets of paper can often lead to a huge result!

    Some More Freelancing Scripts -->

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