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    Going for friends and family is great, but we’ll eventually have to get our word out to the world. For this reason it's great to be part of a bunch of GROUPS. Now at this moment and time in history, by the numbers, the most active community group usage is on Facebook. So once again we're going to utilize the world-wide-network of people on Facebook to (sneakily) promote our services, and gather new ideas. If you're not part of any groups, here are some of the one's I've joined: Some of these (like "Austin Startups") are specific to my city. But try search for your own city, such as: [City] Startups. [City] Jobs. [City] Marketers. [City] Business Owners.

    P.S. Try making a posting in a group, and post it below. I can help you refine your post!

    Now let's post some flyers (maybe) -->

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