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    Neville Medhora Founder: Copywriting Course, NevBlog, HouseOfRave. Advise: AppSumo, Pink Java Media, Sumo, The Hustle. Neville Medhora figured out in the pre-Google days you can get a bunch of very-targeted people to come to your website, consume your material, and even buy. He then applied this to every businesses he was a part of, including a rave company, the first financial blog online, Copywriting Course, AppSumo, and even TheHustle. He currently advises numerous companies and runs a copywriting company called KopywritingKourse.com where companies go to make their copy awesome. Neville is fascinated by ways in which humans can transfer information from one brain to another through different mediums. His fingers have typed words that've been sent across hundreds of millions of emails, his training videos have been viewed by thousands of entrepreneurs, and his terrible jokes have made at least 3 people laugh. Copywriting Course The internet is full of websites and content that performs for it's owners poorly. Copywriting Course aims to reduce the number of non-performing content on the web, including websites, blogs, emails, and an assortment of offline marketing materials.  


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