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    Product, sales pitch, delivery system

    There’s not many parts to selling a product. It’s actually quite simple.


    Gary Halbert once said the three things you need to sell a product are:

    1.) A product.

    2.) A sales pitch.

    3.) A delivery system.

    My very first “business venture” was selling burned CD’s in middle school.

    Following this 1-2-3- model my CD business would have looked like this:

    PRODUCT: CD’s with whatever songs you wanted on it.

    SALES PITCH: Verbally telling someone “Just write down the names of 17 songs on a piece of paper and I’ll get you the CD tomorrow.”

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: I would physically hand them the CD the next day at school.


    My first real online business HouseOfRave was as follows:

    PRODUCT: Light up and glow products.

    SALES PITCH: Individual product pages with pictures/video/text that were found by searching Google for certain keywords.

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: Shopsite ecommerce platform + dropshipper in California.


    My KopywritingKompany (officially formed this year):

    PRODUCT: Video courses and tools to teach people better copywriting.

    SALES PITCH: copywritingcourse.com/steal + email newsletter posts.

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: Blog for reading, InfusionSoft for ordering, WishlistMember for delivering courses.


    When I consult it goes like this:

    PRODUCT: Me and the customer write Kopy together to improve their selling.

    SALES PITCH: A simple webpage with PayPal buttons (when available): NevBlog.com/consults .

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: Google Hangouts to have a live video chat with the customer.


    A pizza stand has the following:

    PRODUCT: Super greasy pizza slices (my fav)!

    SALES PITCH: Setup in a place where there’s hungry people.

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: A little stand or store where you hand em a slice.


    In the comments I want you to tell me:

    -What’s your PRODUCT?

    -Where’s your SALES PITCH? Feel free to link it for others to see.

    -What’s your DELIVERY SYSTEM?


    You can copy/paste this into the comments and just fill it out to save you time :)

    My business is:

    My PRODUCT is:

    My SALES PITCH is:


    You will probably get some good ideas by just perusing the comments on this post!



    Neville Medhora – King Kong of Kopywriting


    P.S.  Remember to comment below with your PRODUCT, SALES PITCH, and DELIVERY SYSTEM!

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    My business is: Board

    My PRODUCT is: A tool to let creative teams and companies create a private, internal Pinterest to share visual inspiration and brand assets.

    My SALES PITCH is: Create a private and safe space to share the images of your company and work faster.

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: online software http://board.creonomy.com/

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    PRODUCT - Marketing communication creatives

    SALES PITCH - I will write copy, create html email templates, design wordpress websites etc. for $50 a piece

    DELIVERY SYSTEM - Email, Skype, Google+/Hangouts

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    Guest Dan Virgillito


    My PRODUCT is: Ghost Guest Blogging

    My SALES PITCH is: Get your name and links on top blogs - I do all the work

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Email, Text documents, WP

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    Guest Jordan Flynn


    Product: my administration skills/power (a burden only I may carry).

    Pitch: if I don't fuck anything up in the first week, legally you can't fire me...

    But in all seriousness I will use my god given organisation skills and dolphin like brain power to handle all your administration work for a measly 20$/ph.

    Delivery system: mind control, e-mail, face-2-face and telephone..


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    Guest wotisit


    I'm not an expert in this "marketing" thing but very often people confusing the mean and the end and this case, it may sound that "product" and "delivery" might be confused.

    For instance in your examples

    "Following this 1-2-3- model my CD business would have looked like this:

    PRODUCT: CD’s with whatever songs you wanted on it.

    SALES PITCH: Verbally telling someone “Just write down the names of 17 songs on a piece of paper and I’ll get you the CD tomorrow.”

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: I would physically hand them the CD the next day at school.

    I think the

    Product is 17 songs of your choice

    Delivery is CD

    My first real online business HouseOfRave was as follows:

    My KopywritingKompany (officially formed this year):

    PRODUCT: Video courses and tools to teach people better copywriting.

    SALES PITCH: KopywritingKourse.com/steal + email newsletter posts.

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: Blog for reading, InfusionSoft for ordering, WishlistMember for delivering courses.

    Here again: Learning how to do copywriting

    Delivery Video course

    I see a really BIG problem when people mistake Product and delivery because 1. They might try optimize the "selling" of a delivery mechanism that is not the ideal one for their product AND their market

    2. They might loose oportunity to find mew delivery systems.

    3. They might abandon a product because the delivery system is not the right one.

    What do you think Neville?

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    Not launched yet, working some things out with the customs.

    My business is: International online shop

    My PRODUCT is: Hand crafted upper-class speaker

    My SALES PITCH is: Pitching to online lifestyle/audio magazines

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Free international delivery including Islands(!)

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    My business is: Outdoor/Camping and practising it

    My PRODUCT is: First 100% organic and biodegradable fluid for use in 'chemical' toilets to change them into 'ecological' toilets.

    My SALES PITCH is: spreading the word whilst travelling, Facebook, Forum, Google, message boards.

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Fulfillment + a webshop http://www.getsolbio.com/

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    My business is: meditation and personal development online academy

    My PRODUCT is: online meditation courses

    My SALES PITCH is: learn from your house how to improve any area of your life

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: wordpress +optimizepress & sumome

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    So my business is an online store selling traditional wet-shaving equipment and accessories here in the UK.

    Product: Luxurious and Traditional wet shaving equipment and supplies

    Sales Pitch: Individual pages that are found on most search engines by typing in specific keywords.

    Delivery System: I use a shopify ecommerce platform and an online shop (via www.traditionalshavingshop.co.uk)

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    Guest prasanna


    My business is: helping people for habits that stick.

    My PRODUCT is: Daily emails dripped with psychological insights/triggers to help people succeed with their chosen habit for the upcoming 2015, by focusing on getting the streak to only 30 days instead of, let's say.. forever!

    My SALES PITCH is: Your chosen habits + Prasanna's emails = Truly Awesome 2015!

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: The under-construction http://30DaysToSuccess.in

    (the idea is based on: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/04/30-days-to-success/)

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    Guest Joseph Irons


    My product:Wealth creation through mindset and real estate investing

    My Sales Pitch: delivered on stage or via webinar

    My delivery: 3 day workshop, currently I am taking your lead and creating videos so I can reach more people and increase my profit per lead

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    Guest Tony Johansson


    My business is to help people stay dry and worm in crappy weather.

    My product: Australian outback clothes

    My sales pitch: Our clothes keeps you warm and dry wherever you are.

    My delivery system: Homebrewed eCommerce platform + dropshipping

    Feel free to pop by http://www.brandbynature.se and if you find somehing that you like don´t forget to use the discount code "neville" to get 10% ;)

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    Guest ProfessorBlue


    My business is: Science entertainment/education (delicious yet nutritious)

    My PRODUCT is: Illustrated book for kids aged 6-11

    My SALES PITCH is: Your kids are dumb. Make them smarter with my book.

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Wordpress site, woocommerce, paypal (and also sales at Amazon and a few local bookstores in Boston)

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    My business is: PersuasiveInterview.com

    My PRODUCT is: Getting People The Job They Want

    My SALES PITCH is: I don't help you find a job, I get you the Job

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Face to face, Skype session (moving into video courses)

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    Guest Locksley


    PRODUCT: HotList Events (Jamaica)

    SALES PITCH: Jamaica's Largest Events App. See All Jamaica's Upcoming Events and Sale Promotions from your Phone

    DELIVERY SYSTEM: Google Play Store...Hopefully Apple soon

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    I'd be very interested in discussing this further.

    I have come to the same realization recently. It really applies to "information" type products.

    Do we sell online drum lessons or do we sell information on how to play the drums better?

    It seems like the delivery mechanism can be a niche segment. For example there are some guitar lesson companies that only deliver their product online.

    But there are a LOT more that do DVD, digital courses, and online memberships... and it's all the same business.

    What do you think Neville?

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    My PRODUCT is: Heart Necklaces with Handwritten Notes

    My SALES PITCH is: Your order comes Gift-Ready! It comes gift-boxed, with a handwritten letter in a beautiful gift bag.

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Website with orders that we prepare ourselves.

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    My business is: Young adult historical fiction

    My PRODUCT is: The Last Generation, a novel about the Greenlamd Norse in the year 1501 as told throught the eyes of a 17 year old girl

    My SALES PITCH is: Enjoy a great adventure and learn about the Greenland Norse in this #1 novel (#1 bestseller Amazon Kindle teen and young adult historical fiction 9/22/2014)

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Amazon and independent book stores


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    Welp, in this case Neville's product WAS the custom CD and NOT the actual music on the CD because Neville was being a Piratem matey! ARRR... that be right. The music wasn't his product, the custom CD was his product.

    Guys, don't overthink this... Product just means "the thing that makes the money"

    Believe it or not... Sometimes the distribution method *IS* the product. Chew on that a bit :D

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    To clarify: the "product" that the kids were buying from Neville was not the CD ... it was the ease of acquiring the music they wanted. Neville was charging for distribution of the already existing music - that was the product.

    So a product can be a deliver mechanism.

    Heck if Neville was in middle school today, he'd probably setup a torrent server to pirate all the latest hits and run it off his neighbor's WI-FI. Then he'd charge his classmates monthly access to the server using some sort of encrypted file-sharing service. Or better yet just charge per song and send the MP3's over by Kik or some other chat app.

    ugh... kids if you do this, read up on VPN's and I didn't tell you how to do this ok? OK cool.

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    Product: company that prints children's drawings into a book

    Sales Pitch: help inspire creative kids, keepsake of their childhood before they grow up

    Delivery System: online website, email to get pictures, physical mailed letter

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    Guest Virginia


    My business is: Freelance Copywriting

    My PRODUCT is: Advertising Web Content for Specialized Clients

    My SALES PITCH is: I'm contacting your business to find out if you ever have a need for a copywriter. I'm a freelance writer who specializes in ___________ web content. I write blogs, landing pages, newsletters, brochures, marketing material, etc etc.

    p.s. Visit my website for 10 must-know tips for blogging in your field.

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: I email finished web content to clients and bill them for it monthly. I offer monthly packages or ala carte pricing for their specific content needs. I specialize in a very small niche group, which gives me an edge over traditional copywriters. New clients pay the first month UP FRONT! You only get burned once...

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    Business - personal training

    Sales pitch - Look better in your 30's than you did in your 20's.

    Delivery - we meet at the gym and I kick your ass. Plus I'll e-mail you a shit ton of stuff to help as we go.

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    Guest Jason B


    My business is:

    Professional recording of pre-race information for BMX race tracks in USA. (Includes custom music and voiceover)

    My PRODUCT is:

    Professional audio recording

    My SALES PITCH is: Website, phone, email, print ads, video.

    My DELIVERY SYSTEM is: Dropbox.

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