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    "I need to write a piece of copy.....FAST!"
    Follow this quick outline:

    STEP 1.) Get into the Copywriters Mindset. STEP 2.) Make some headlines and define the purpose of your copy. STEP 3.) Use the AIDA formula to make a skeleton outline for your copy. STEP 4.) If you want to "build some ammo" for your copy, then write out some personal stories of you using the product, write out some testimonials from yourself or others, or show the features and benefits of the product. This will give you some substance to throw into your AIDA outline in case you're feeling forgetful. STEP 5.) Have a Call To Action at the end of your copy. Your copy is designed to get them to take an action, so tell them what to do at the end!


    This is one helluva little document right here, and it's yours to keep because you bought this KopywritingKourse. Whenever you get stuck writing, just load up this little PDF and follow along. It's designed to be extremely short and punchy and actionable. With the Kopywriting checklist, you can learn how to write better copy in one reading session. It’s like the Cliff’s Notes version of a copywriters education. Right-click the image below to download your copy of The Kopywriting Checklist:
    P.S. Feel free to share this with colleagues and co-workers, but please do not publish on the web. P.P.S. This document has sold thousands of copies, and had such dramatic impacts on people's marketing and writing. I hope it does the same for yours. It will come in handy when you least expect it!

    VIDEO: BONUS VIDEO (It normally costs $99 to buy this video interview)!

    Let's say you skipped this whole KopyKourse....what would you do to start writing better RIGHT NOW? I'd say watch this interview with the famous Andrew Warner (this usually costs $99 to buy this Action video). It'll teach ya a ton in one hour: I admit the video quality on my side sucks (we lost one of the files during recording), but the content is rock solid. After it was released, this video got TREMENDOUS feedback, and still does to this day. It goes over almost the whole copywriting process in about one hour, and is moderated....so there's no excessive ranting. Andrew Warner immediately used what he learned in this interview to increase one of his email open rates by 3x and sent me this image:

    "Neville....this action video BLEW MY MIND. I immediately went to my webpage and axed almost every piece of Krappy Kopy I had. Thanks again for making me money."

    Which to write: Features or Benefits?

    Many people tends to accidentally confuse their readers by simply listing out "impressive sounding" features. This video will show you how to write out the BENEFITS instead, and even marry the two together: Let's get started.....

    Quick Kopy Rundown:

    • Did you follow AIDA format?
    • Did you make sure to make the letter more about THEM?
    • If it's a new or difficult product for the audience, did you educate the customer on how they could get lots of benefit out of it?
    • Did you make sure to explain to them EXACTLY HOW to take action?
    • If you step 10 feet away from your computer, can you easily tell what action to take?

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