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    These are real-world homepage tear-downs and improvements you can get ideas from.

    Homepage re-design review for KickStartReading.

    After a design company completely re-did the KickStartReading homepage, we go through and make improvements:

    Giving homepage feedback on a phone repair business

    Andrew is doing a new website for a client (a phone repair business) and we go through and see how we can optimize it.

    Updating a dating coaches consulting page

    We help Roger go through a dating coaches website and try to improve and optimize it to get more consulting sessions.

    Reviewing a social media course for real estate landing page.

    Krista asks how she can improve a landing page for a social media course designed for real estate agents.

    How can improve my content marketing blog homepage?

    We show Natali some small improvements she could make to better improve her website.

    Optimizing a boat rental homepage.

    We help Drew optimize his boat rental webpage by adding just a few elements on the page.

    Reviewing a lawyer email signup page.

    We see if we can optimize and re-do a page designed to get leads for lawyers.

    Re-doing father’s Gifted Children Program testing service.

    Rob is trying to help his father re-do his Gifted Children Program testing service program website, and we give him some advice, including how to dominate the search engines for their keywords.  

    Should I keep my personal website seperate from my business website?

    We help Natali decide which website she should keep, or if she should make two. Then we go through her About page to add more personality.  

    Marketing a Dog Training company in California

    Grace has successfully been training dogs, and want to move from word of mouth, to outbound marketing.

    Making a lead capture homepage

    Is it better to make clients click a button, or just sign up their info right away? We demonstrate how Ryan should change his page for higher conversions.

    Best lead capture page style

    We change up Gerards lead capture page to be more effective.

    Changing up a consulting website to be more effective.

    It’s easy to help clients with their website, but hard to do it for yourself. So we help Michael optimize his website.

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