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    These are real people getting help finding their first freelancing gigs.

    Getting Koby his first writing gig by seeing if he likes writing first.

    We set out to see how it goes if Koby tries his hand at article writing. Since he’s an active duty Marine and student helicopter pilot, that sounds like a great first assignment for him!

    First baby step to helping Elisabeth become a freelance copywriter

    We extract what Elisabeth is good at, what she is really passionate about, and then how to apply that to copywriting (and we found an answer in foster parenting)!

    Helping Elisabeth find her voice, topic, and see what she can write next

    Elisabeth got her first foster parenting blog post out the door, and is almost done with her 2nd which we show her how to make even better.

    How to do initial research for a new client?

    Andrew asks what the best way to go about doing a "deep dive" of research on a new client.

    How to charge a big client for Facebook Ads, Email Copy, and writing Sales Pages

    We show Jay how to price his services with a free tool, and making “packages” instead of selling individual services.

    Rapid Fire Beginner Copywriter Questions.

    Bern asks a bunch of great beginner copywriter questions including about pricing, consulting, cold emailing, and big vs small companies to write for.

    Can you take a look at my Upwork profile and see what I can add to get it accepted?

    We go through a bunch of different ways for Roger to increase the professional level of his UpWork profile so he can get accepted on the platform.

    How to get more gigs on UpWork for my profile?

    We see how Katie can get more gigs on UpWork by upping the social proof metrics.

    Writing car sale ad copy (and trying to get gigs).

    Roger is looking to improve his copywriting skills and has impressively written a bunch of ads to get started. We review his ads, and see how he can get gigs the fastest way possible with some pre-written scripts for Facebook.

    Is it necessary to have a blog to start out as a copywriter

    Andrew wants to know if you need a blog to start as a copywriter, but we show an easier way and demonstrate.  

    Getting freelance income writing for a PhD developing a following.

    Natali is a PhD student who writes on the side and developed a bit of a following on Medium. She wants to see how to best parlay this into a business. We show her how to develop a portfolio and get more freelancing clients.  

    Gerard gets one shot to impress a freelance client with a high performing Facebook.

    A video creator wants Gerard to beat his control Facebook Ad, we try to best figure out which one performs, and how to approach clients like this.  

    Making a template to cold email companies for freelance copywriting gigs

    Watch how we optimize Gerard's email for getting more freelance writing gigs in the Ed-Tech space.

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