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Replicating Yourself and Turning Into A Robot


neville robot

I was talking to a friend on the phone at 1:30pm on a weekday, and to be honest I was still chilling in bed.

We chuckled about this, but I said, "Yes I'm in still in bed but already today 4,000 people have read my work or watched me talk."

The reason this is possible is because I am slowly turning my self into a robot.

I'm taking my physical thoughts, words, and actions....and putting them into a computer:

  • You can read my words on this page, through a computer.
  • You can read my words coming to your email, through a computer.
  • You can watch me talk and speak on YouTube, through a computer.
  • You can get glimpses of my thoughts through Twitter, through a computer.
  • You can see thoughts coming from my brain on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other socials.....through a computer.

My human form can only be one place at a time, but my robot form can do many things at a time.

Physical Neville is cool....but he can only talk to a few people at a time when he's in a good mood:

Neville teaching office hours community


Robot Neville is dope....it can speak to unlimited people at a time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!



It's not just me. All of us are slowly morphing into badass robots. If you use a phone you've successfully sent or received information over a computer, meaning you're kind of a robot already!

Humans will eventually go fully digital because it's far better and more efficient. This process has already started, and is maybe 20% complete.

We started off communicating with simple grunts, moved up to languages, then written languages, then long distance communication over a wire, to fully wireless communication capable of reaching everyone on Earth:



This is a really cool thing, because it means Human Neville can be the general of a gigantic army of robots that do work all the time and never complain:

general neville robot socials


This army of robots can take the maybe 1-3 hours of good work Lazy Human Neville gets done per day, and amplify it to lots of people.....and Lazy Human Neville gets to reap the rewards of that work :)

Basically what I'm trying to say is, you can use technology to amplify your work a lot more.


Robot Neville (Human Neville

, but Robot Neville continuously serves it up 24/7)!


P.S. Where does your Robot Version exist on the web? It can be a website, social platform or whatever. Link it below and I'll comment on it :)

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Guest roy Ward, Jr.


This was a great post about creating content for a blog post.
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Guest Neville Medhora


Thanks Roy! You can watch much of it being created here :)

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Guest Eben Muyiwa


This is a great post. It's really helpful. Document ones thought and it can be read by thousands to millions of people even when you are sleeping. Cool stuff.
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Guest Neville Medhora


Thanks Eben!


It definitely helps amplify your voice. The next trick is getting those millions of people to listen :)

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Guest Kyle


Neville this is an interesting way to think about. We are all cyborgs already in this case. May as well take it all the way!
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Guest Neville Medhora


Thank you Robot Kyle....Robot Neville appreciates it :)
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