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    Sell While You Sleep (here’s the schedule)

    We’re starting the Sell While You Sleep class today!

    Here’s what it’ll look like:

    schedule Image

    The first 5 days we'll move really quick - on purpose. We’re going to push you to move quickly and get your product done.

    This part goes faster than most people think. In fact, you likely have the product you will be selling already (a doc, a presentation, a process etc).

    This first stretch includes a daily video and a task. Here’s what those daily milestones look like for Days 1-5:


    Monday (3/1)




    Tuesday (3/2)




    Wednesday (3/3)




    Thursday (3/4)




    Friday (3/5))


    After these 5 days are up, you’ll implement a sales + promotion strategy that you can use over and over again (and for more products in the future).

    For the rest of March, you’ll get direct access to us (Neville and Dan) every day inside the forum and on a weekly group call that’ll look like this:



    You’ll get live feedback on whatever questions you have about your digital product. We can help you figure out things like:

    → Your pricing.

    → Your format, length, and style.

    → Which platform to focus your promotions on.

    → Honest feedback about how to improve the product.

    → Plus a friendly-but-firm kick in the butt to get things finished and published!! (having a strong deadline is important)!

    If you join Copywriting Course this week, you’ll get access to the Sell While You Sleep class. I look forward to working directly with you if you decide to join!





    Neville Medhora (who is actually asleep while this email is being sent, because I auto-scheduled this email days before....aka I am "Selling While I Sleep) 😎

    ​P.S. Registration closes Monday, 3-1-2021 @ 2pm CST. Join here.

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