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      Amazing feedback from Neville and the writing staff. I'm learning so much and improving my writing!

      Neville, can I just let you know. Years ago I was struggling financially. I looked for a way to earn over 100k a year online. I found YOU on reddit. I read your site, I listened to you, I followed a couple professional copywriters Redditer posts as well. I studied and studied (regularly referencing your online swipe file). I quickly landed a job and started earning like 60k a year. Fast forward another year, I launched my own business that did 6 million in 3 months. I am not bullshitting you. Thank you so much for your help.

      There are so many cost cutting and time saving tips in this course! It's already paid for itself!

      I love the personalized critiques! I'm learning so much and improving the engagement on my social media posts!

      Camron started working with an olympic gold medalist he met inside the Copywriting Course Forum and Office Hours.

      So much value, thank you!

      I love the templates so much, anything to make my job easier 🙂

      Great gig opportunities have come my way from emails I've learned to write in this course. 

      A copywriting person that I use every single week is Neville Medhora. I’ve taken all his classes. I read all his books. His material is the base of all our direct marketing.
      Deb Tracy

      My brain is buzzing! So many great ideas from this lesson! It's a lot of work initially, but it's worth it. Definitely putting more thought and effort on my next blog posts.

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