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    The Results

    Lemme show you some interesting results Jeff had when he was sending out promotional emails for his business (these are behind-the-scenes numbers of real emails that went out).

    Before Jeff spoke with me (during several paid consults), his emails were mainly about his own company.  

    This is totally typical of emails people send out.  

    These are typical stats he would get sending out emails to his list of wine connoisseurs at UndergroundCellar.com.

    Check out the numbers:


    See Full-Sized here:


    So basically he was making an average of $500 on each email.  The emails had some text, some pictures, and a deal on wine.  

    But here's what I noticed right away about Jeff's emails:

    1. They were mainly all about UndergroundCellar...not the customer or anything useful for them.    
    2. His deal structure was suuuppeerr complicated and weren't easily explained (any confusion about what a customer will get makes them close their wallet hella fast).  
    3. Overall the emails were "blah" at best.  I had to force myself to read them since they just weren't so interesting.  

    So after a few paid consultations with Jeff, look at the emails he cranked out (LOOK AT THOSE NUMBER IMPROVEMENTS OVER HIS PREVIOUS EMAILS)!!!!!!!!!

    See full-sized here:


    The first email he sent after our talks pulled 311% more revenue! 
    52% more opens!
    45% more clicks!
    And MUCH happier and engaged customers!!

    ---and then---

    After 4 emails he's up to pulling 962% more revenue!!
    263% more opens!
    90% more clicks!
    And MUCH happier and engaged customers!!

    It's almost ridiculous to think that simply changing some copy around and writing with a different mindset can improve the numbers THIS MUCH.....but it's true. 
    I've helped people do it time-and-time again. 

    That's what drew me to the power of copywriting and sending well-written emails in the first place.  

    Checkout Jeff's original email to me......and notice how even though the first properly-written email he sent did 311% more revenue than his previous high email, that number kept going up and up and up with the next emails!


    Did you notice the page elements that were different in these high-income-pulling emails!?

    1.) His complex deal structure used to have percentages that were hard to understand, so he made it damn-clear what the customer should expect by making those numbers easy-to-read and clear.  

    2.) There's a lot more copy in each email. 

    3.) That copy is full of awesome content the wine connoisseurs love to read!! 

    Note: If you want to see the full copy of Jeff's income-pulling emails you can see full-sized versions here:  copywritingcourse.com/ark

    If you want to design a sequence of "selling emails" for your own business, you can join the AutoresponderKlass now and we'll all design our emails together.  

    This is one damn-great opportunity to see what others are doing with their emails, and also have me help you along the way with each email in our weekly Klass Konference Kalls. 

    The Klass signup closes on May 4th (Sunday), so signup now to get started!  

    As soon as you signup, you'll get a Kourse about Autoresponders you can watch at your own pace.....then May 5th the whole Klass gets their first assignment.  

    What better way to boost the marketing power of your business??

    GO here to join the Klass today!

    Neville Medhora - Klass professor


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    Amazing case study.

    Ecommerce email marketing is tricky to me. I'm actually writing an autoresponder for an ecommerce store now, and we're both eager to measure the results of the longer copy, a la your value-adding wine emails.

    However...I don't know what to tell them: plain text or some HTML? I see here you started out with plain text copy then put the graphics of the wine offers at the very bottom.

    I'm curious: Is that how you usually roll with ecommerce? No banner at the top? Or do you ever go straight plain-text and a store link, to avoid the appearance getting all screwed up by HTML?

    Lovin' the case study posts!


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