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    The State of Copywriting Address 2018

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    Welcome my loyal Kopywriting Konstituents to The State Of Copywriting Address 2018!!

    neville president kopy

    This post is gonna be huuge.

    This post will be the summation of everything I've learned from 2018:

    What worked.

    What didn't work.

    What yielded great results.

    What yielded craptastic results.

    ...this is a year-end review to predict what to spend time/resources on in 2018.

    So let's try planning out 2018, by reviewing what worked well in 2018. We'll go platform by platform. Let's begin!





    twitter copywriting

    Twitter Pro's:

    • Still great to hear quick burst of information and facts from people you enjoy.

    • Great for interacting with customers and people you're not directly connected to on other social networks.
    • When giving speeches, Twitter seems to be the most common way people interact and share your speech.

    I love the very curated set of people I follow on Twitter.

    I'm a follower of: Elon Musk, Benedict Evans, Max Roser, Neil Degrasse Tyson and a few others. They tend to post interesting quips and learnings in their Tweets which I find interesting.

    Since I follow only ~35 people, my Twitter feed is always interesting and informative....and not cluttered with a bunch of self-promotion and random crap I see on platforms like Facebook.


    Twitter Con's:

    • As a source of website traffic, Twitter super sucks.
    • Getting people off Twitter and onto your website is difficult and not very effective.
    • It's not required you're a real person like Facebook, so there's even more dumb comments.
    • Many people use Twitter as primarily a way to "push" their existing content rather than make new and personalized content for Twitter (I'm guilty of this too).

    There's people who post personal updates on Twitter, but MANY people (like me) just use it as a "notification platform" for blog posts and such.

    For example, I have a personal account (@NevMed), and I wouldn't even follow myself because the account is more about pushing notifications than creating unique content.

    For this reason a lot of Twitter accounts are just self-promotion to older content.



    2018 Twitter Course Of Action:

    I will continue to use Twitter for entertainment and blog updates, but won't be focusing on it as a source of traffic or revenue.

    As a source of website traffic, Twitter is super crappy. It's the lowest driver of traffic of any social platform. HOWEVER, it's a great tool for keeping up with people you enjoy following!

    Here's some of my Twitter stats for a 30 day time frame....this is the HIGHEST amount of traffic I got from Twitter all year in a 30 day period.


    For some reference, other sources of traffic in the same time frame sent 100,000+ visitors and 3,000+ email signups. So under 500 website visits and 12 email signups is relatively low.






    Facebook is super-clearly the reigning king of social media. Other platforms (such as Instagram) that are rapidly growing are OWNED by Facebook too.


    Facebook Pro's:

    • Literally everything now has Facebook integrations (I prefer logging into most services/apps via Facebook as it's faster & safer than widely spreading usernames and passwords to more locations).

    • I think people undervalue Facebook's track record of reliability, site uptime, and speed.

    • It's one of the most accurate and specific advertising platform on the planet.

    • They actively venture into new businesses. They bought Instagram which was genius, and also Oculus Rift (which may not be important right now, but they are ahead of the game in virtual reality).

    • Google tried to compete and Facebook still pummeled them. Not many people in the world can say that.

    • For most people in the world, Facebook is where they spend most of their time.

    • The Facebook Pixel (a little snippet of code) is on almost every major website on Earth. Facebook knows where you go, and can serve up ads specific to those results.

    • Facebook Groups literally took over the function of forums on the internet, and there are thriving groups for pretty much EVERY subject ever.


    Facebook Con's:

    • Browsing Facebook is fun, but I often browse the newsfeed for a few minutes then get fed up and wish I hadn't wasted my time.

    • Products like Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups often get crazy high traction, but then as more people join the bandwagon, your visibility goes down, and you have to "pay to play." This means you should ALWAYS have a backup way of reaching your customers.

    • Facebook is a "Walled Garden" and you must only play by their rules. This isn't necessarily a "bad" thing, but it's a thing.


    2018 Facebook Course Of Action:

    I will continue investing time and money into Facebook in the form of Groups, Ads, Posts and Pages.

    I find it highly unlikely Facebook will lose it's grip on the social networking world in the next decade. In fact it'll most likely become MORE powerful as stuff like virtual reality starts rolling around.

    A GREAT fiction book to read, and pretend the main character is Mark Zuckerberg: Ready Player One (all new employees at Facebook-owned Oculus Rift are required to read this book).



    Facebook Messenger Bots:

    state of copywriting facebook messenger bot logo

    Messenger Bots are little chat programs inside Facebook Messenger that were extremely overhyped in 2017. I think they can be great for some purposes, but not for everything.

    Facebook Messenger Bot Pro's:

    • Almost everyone uses Facebook and Facebook Messenger, so the audience for these is 1 Billion+ people.

    • They are simple to build, and can allow users to "interact" with you or your store without having a human sit there and do it.

    • Since text messaging is such a common part of everyday life for most people, Messenger Bots are relatively intuitive to use since it's like sending text messages.


    Facebook Messenger Bot Con's:

    • While it's touted that open rates are high, unsubscribe rates are sky high also.

    • You have to be careful about pushing existing content to people via Messenger, as messenger is a very "personal" mode of communication, and people are quick to flag you if you're spamming their personal messages.

    • There was a lot of hype (which quickly died down) about Messenger Bots that if you added bots to your site, it was somehow a better experience.

    • Bots are more just a way to interact with existing customers, not necessarily a way to attract new customers.


    2018 Facebook Messenger Bot Course Of Action:

    Messenger Bots seem to be going through what most things in the Hype Phase go through:

    They get overly hyped in the beginning, hype dies down, then eventually useful applications start popping up, then it slowly starts to surge again:

    hype phase chart

    So for 2018 I don't think I'll be jumping deep into Facebook Messenger until I see some truly helpful utilities built on top of it. There seems to be potential though.





    Instagram Copywriting

    In the early days of social networking, Facebook realized "Photos" were the most popular thing on the platform. Almost overnight Facebook became the dominant photo platform on the web.

    Then along came Instagram. A photo-sharing app with stupidly-simple filters that made your phone photos look great. It gained traction FAST, and in 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion.

    At the time that price seemed CRAZY, but now Instagram has 600 Million+ users and is the 2nd most popular social network....so now that price seems like a bargain.

    Instagram Pro's:

    • The #1 focus of Instagram is photos, so "visual" industries do well on it (food, fashion, fitness, lifestyle etc).

    • Some people become famous on Instagram and can translate that popularity to other businesses.

    • My friend Eric Bandholz gets lots of attention and leads from Instagram on his BeardBrand Instagram Page that's filled with.....you guessed it....pictures of dudes with beards!

    • A client Neal has 90,000+ followers for his barber scheduling software (@GoPanache) and 1.2million followers on their other Instagram (@TheBarberPost), both of which they get lots of clients from.

    • Instagram is so easy to update, that you don't have to put in a massive amount of effort to keep it fresh.


    Instagram Con's:

    • Browsing Instagram makes me feel sad, and generally feels like a waste of time.

    • The metrics (such as "hearts" and "impressions") seem to be WILDLY inflated.

    • Some people who are "Instagram Famous" tend to have a hard time branching out to different business models.

    • Some people who are "Instagram Famous" have had book deals cancelled, TV deals cancelled, as their Instagram fame sometimes doesn't translate off the platform.

    • Without actively promoting quite a bit on Instagram, it's now harder to build a following as the platform has become larger.


    2018 Instagram Course Of Action:


    Great for "vanity" metrics such as "views" and "hearts" and raw amounts of comments.

    Great for food, dogs, showing how baller you are, and

    Bad for conveying large amounts of information.

    Bad for paying customers.





    snapchat copywriting

    *NOTE* Let's start off saying I am NOT a regular SnapChat user.....so you take my advice with a solid grain of salt.

    Snapchat Pro's:

    • SnapChat is a "cool" brand.

    • Feedback on SnapChat is quick.

    • SnapChat feels more private and personal than other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

    • SnapChat does super well with the 18-24 year old audience.


    Snapchat Con's:

    • It's difficult to outsource all your SnapChat stuff.

    • Facebook has started to emulate some of SnapChat's primary features, and since they have more capital and a larger user base already, this is super dangerous to SnapChat.


    • SnapChat is a completely walled garden. If you post a bunch of stuff on SnapChat, unlike Instagram you can't even view it on the web. Everything only exists within the SnapChat app.


    2018 Snapchat Course Of Action:

    Personally I'm not gonna do anything on SnapChat.

    SnapChat is a platform that rewards lots of activity, and I'm not as good/interested in that.

    I don't like constantly posting on social, and I'm not a huge fan of consuming too much social stuff. Therefore it's unlikely a person like me would thrive on SnapChat.





    pintrest logo

    Pinterest Pro's:

    • Does really well in visual categories (Food, Fashion, Health, Design).

    • Great for aggregating collections of stuff, but not for going deeper into subjects.

    • A lot of clients get tons of Pinterest traffic, and it's usually quality traffic.


    Pinterest Con's:

    • Primarily a visual platform.

    • They still prefer to keep users ON the platform rather than send them off.

    • It's better for hosting photos than written content or video content.


    2018 Pinterest Course Of Action:

    For my specific purpose (aka copywriting) I will not be focusing on Pinterest as a means of traffic. HOWEVER, if I were in a health, food, fashion, or lifestyle industry I would 100% explore posting on Pinterest more.






    medium logo


    Medium is a simple blogging platform. You can publish an article on Medium very easily, and if it goes viral, it gets more attention and shared.

    Medium Pro's:

    • Super easy to publish an article on Medium.

    • Very simple editor to add text, pictures, and videos.

    • If your article starts getting traction, it gets showed to more people.

    • An article can POTENTIALLY go very viral on Medium.

    • If someone wants to "try their hand" at writing articles, this is the fastest way to get published online (and helps you skip the whole "making a website" part of the process.


    Medium Con's:

    • I don't know a single "Medium celebrity" like I know many Instagram or YouTube celebrities.

    • If you spend hella time on writing articles regularly, then why not have the attention directed at your own blog?

    • All promotion to your articles goes to Medium....not YOU.


    2018 Medium Course Of Action:

    Through many consults I've seen relatively poor engagement and off-site linking from Medium. I kind of re-published an article on Medium to see what would happen, it flopped. This is similar to what I've seen with many consulting clients.

    For anyone considering starting writing articles on the internet, I would rather have them start a simple Blogger.com blog instead. This has multiple benefits such as:

    • Your content is your own, not Medium's.

    • You get to explore different formatting and layouts, rather than be pigeonholed into Medium's aesthetic.

    • You can insert ads if you want.

    • If your blog happens to "catch on" and get popular, you can start building it right away, and not having to "transition" from Medium to a new blog.

    Medium originally rocketed to fame because posting on there would often yield TONS of readership almost instantly:


    But like any platform, it undergoes "Platform Saturation" where more-and-more people create content, so it gets harder-and-harder to get eyeballs.










    Hollllyyyy shit, something is happening over at LinkedIn!

    LinkedIn Pro's:

    • LinkedIn got smart and just started copying the hell out of Facebook....yielding MUCH higher engagement, and turning it into a much better social network than before.

    • Since LinkedIn just recently started making these changes, it's hungry for content and actively promoting posts with high engagement.

    • What worked 5 years ago on Facebook seems to be working on LinkedIn now.

    • Since LinkedIn is where people associate with their "work", the comments on articles are far less stupid than Facebook comments! As someone who gets easily irritated with the mind-numbingly-stupid comments on most social platforms, this is a welcome change.

    • Many LinkedIn Groups aren't super active with posts, so LinkedIn still allows you to spam the living shit out of these groups with no consequences!

    • Can more easily connect with people over LinkedIn than many other platforms.

    • Many people who don't actively maintain a Facebook or Twitter account will often have a LinkedIn account they pay attention to.

    • LinkedIn is a crucial part of recruiting and researching people. I use "Rapportive" on Chrome, and anytime someone emails me, Rapportive pulls their LinkedIn information in the sidebar, and instantly you can "see" who you're emailing with!


    LinkedIn Con's:

    • The content tends to be more business focused, so you'll see endless links to "thrilling" articles such as "3 Ways B2B Salespeople Can Increase Outbound Sales."

    • Not many huge con's really.


    2018 LinkedIn Course Of Action:

    I will be publishing 2-3 articles per week on my LinkedIn profile in 2018.

    I've already started embarking on regularly posting LinkedIn articles, and the results have been very promising:

    Something is quietly happening at LinkedIn. In recent times LinkedIn stopped being just a page for your work, and started adding lots of Facebook-like functionality such as the News Feed.

    I would 100% start updating LinkedIn if you haven't.


    Prediction for 2018: Keep posting and sharing on LinkedIn. It seems like a legit avenue for growth.





    google copywriting

    Google Plus:

    In 2011 Google ventured into the social networking world With "Google Plus" (Or Google+)....I never knew which way to actually write it.

    It was widely thought this would be a Facebook killer, since an internet superpower was throwing resources behind it.

    However in a few years they announced Google Plus was (sort-of-kind-of) dead. It's still alive in a small way since everyone with a Google account technically already has a Google Plus account, but as a source of traffic, it doesn't seem significant anymore.

    Google Plus Pro's:

    • It showed that even a superpower on the internet can fail at something.


    Google Plus Con's:

    • It showed that even if you are huge and powerful, you can still fail at beating an incumbent.


    2018 Google Plus Course Of Action:

    Well....at this point probably nothing. When I batch-update my social media posts using Buffer, it's linked to Google Plus, but outside of that I don't use it.




    YouTube Copywriting


    A good video can (often) educate someone on a subject faster than text, so video is a very popular platform. With technological advances helped by Google, YouTube was able to rocket into the #1 position for video on the web.

    The word "video" and "YouTube" are pretty much synonymous.

    YouTube Pro's:

    • 2nd largest search engine behind Google.

    • Highest amount of time on site of nearly any website.

    • 1.5 Billion+ users.

    • Basically the de facto system on the internet for video.

    • Largest base of custom content creators.

    • Has created a whole new generation of "YouTube celebrities" whose fame is even more personal than many A-list celebs.

    • No barrier to entry.

    • It's free, and you can actually earn money for your videos.

    • Still lots of niches where there's not a lot of great content.


    YouTube Con's:

    • Lots of other people on the platform means you're not guaranteed traffic for no reason, you still have to promote.

    • Still have to abide by YouTube policies (although they are pretty fair, so it's not too big a deal).

    • Hmmm...not too many other downsides.


    2018 YouTube Course Of Action:

    Anecdotally, most people will know me from videos I did years ago. And lots of people want more videos.

    I think posting more videos would be a good thing if it made sense. I do mainly videos in the paid portion of KopywritingKourse, but not on the free side as much.

    So, as a course of action for 2018 regarding YouTube:

    Possibly start posting more?






    Email Pro's:

    • Still the dominant form of customer generation from an existing clientele.

    • Still drives SIIGGGNNIIIIIIIFFFIICCCANNNTTT revenue for a lot of companies.

    • More and more companies are realizing the value of growing their email list.

    • You can "sell" over email more than other platforms as email is an "optional checking" system.

    • There are still tons of new companies who rely almost exclusively on their email list to interact with customers.

    • Email is one of the few ways to "own" the customers contact (versus something like Instagram/Facebook/SnapChat where the platform owns that).


    Email Con's:

    • Inboxes are getting crowded as more people catch onto email.

    • It's sometimes hard for people to write "good" emails (Hence why I started The KopywritingKourse)

    • Not too much functionality in email still, besides viewing images, gifs, and clicking links.


    2018 Email Course Of Action:

    Full steam ahead!!! Every company I've seen get acquired lately, it was often because of their customer base (aka email list).

    Pretty much 100% of big companies I've worked with have started to double down on gathering email addresses, and sending good emails to nurture customers.

    However, like any medium that gets more crowded, you start noticing a saturation. This makes it harder to get read without great content.

    Millennial-focused companies are still heavily using email also, so email isn't just for "old people." For example, TheHustle is a rapidly growing email newsletter focused on Millennials, and is totally crushing it with just email.


    "Email is the cockroach of the internet. It just never goes away."

    --Stewart Butterfield - Founder of Slack




    Podcast copywriting


    Holy crap.....something is happening in the podcast world. Even when people describe themselves you'll hear stuff like, "I like long walks on the beach, dogs, and listening to podcasts."

    Podcasting is becoming part of the mainstream.

    It has the same power as listening to the radio 30 years ago, but with FAR more options and micro-niches! You can get drunk with a friend one night, record a conversation on your phone, and have it listed as a podcast on iTunes in the morning.

    Podcasting Pro's:

    • Pretty much zero barrier to entry.

    • You already have conversations all the time, some of them worth recording and publishing.

    • It's allowing "non-traditional" people like comedians who can't score network TV deals to publish their material to the world.

    • You can passively listen to a podcast in the background whilst driving, commuting, or doing chores. Contrast that with video which requires to you watch it.

    • You can choose to learn new things with business podcasts, or just "relax and unwind" by listening to nonsensical and funny podcasts.


    Podcasting Con's:

    • Singular format (audio only) works well for certain type of shows, but not others (like a COOKING show would be harder to make as a podcast than a video series).

    • It still takes effort and talent to stand out from the crowd and create a popular podcast.

    • Advertising on podcasts is still in the stone age. No dynamic ads just yet (although I think that will change within a year or two).

    • It's still hard to accurately track listenership. "The Number of Downloads" a podcast has is often a BS statistic.

    • Just like personal websites, the overwhelmingly large majority of podcasts have almost no traffic and listenership.

    • Podcasting is still work. It takes a lot of work to schedule guests, edit, and regularly put out quality episodes.


    2018 Podcasting Course Of Action:

    I don't think I would start a podcast unless I was going to put 70% or more of my energy into it. A lot of people half-ass their podcast, then abandon it later. However, there's cases where people dive in and become very successful at it:

    I heard Tim Ferriss say: "My podcast now has 10X the annual revenue of all my books combined."

    That's pretty crazy!

    I personally listen to a helluvalot of podcasts!

    • Planet Money: 20-ish minute NPR show where they discuss money, economic theories, and do experiments in a fun one. In my opinion this is the best produced and consistently interesting podcast out there.

    • A16Z: Straight-to-the-point interviews by the venture firm Andreesen Horowitz. Makes you feel like you live in Silicon Valley without actually being there.

    • The Tim Ferriss Show: Lots of great interviews with cool people, and I always find interesting nuggets in these interviews.

    • How I Built This: Guy Raz of NPR gets great entrepreneur guests on the show, and takes you through the stories and struggles how they got started.

    • 99% Invisible: A well-produced show that discusses wide-ranging topics of design. Most episodes I like, some are un-interesting to me.

    • Joe Rogan Podcast: Sometimes I don't want to listen to business-intensive material, so I throw on Joe Rogan as he talks with comedians and other random people about random shit. I wouldn't even call them "interviews" as he more just "hangs out" with the guest and talks about COMPLETELY RANDOM things. It's easy to listen in the background when my brain feels lazy.

    • Noah Kagan Presents: One of my bestest buddies Noah hosts this podcast and has a quick-and-to-the-point style (and he also edits out the boring parts of conversations).

    • Marketing School: This is hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Each episode is only like 3 to 7 minutes long, and keeps the advice very simple. I actually really like the format and listen frequently.

    • Freakonomics Radio: This kind of reminds me of a slightly-less-well-produced Planet Money. Some episodes are interesting. Some feel too long and tedious.

    Despite me semi-bashing some of these podcasts.....all this content is FREE!!!

    Any platform, anywhere in the world....you can access all of these podcasts which is pretty amazing. I think it's just getting started too.....

    Podcasting is transitioning into mainstream entertainment.

    Oprah, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Lance Armstrong....all of these major characters have large podcasts now.

    Podcasting is going through the same "shift" I saw blogging go through around 2007: It started shifting from a side-hobby for people, to the central focus of many companies.

    Prediction for 2018: Someone will popularize “Dynamic ads” for podcasts. This would be a major boost to podcasters, as they don’t have to sell a permanent spot in their podcast for all of history like they currently do.

    For example if you listen to old Planet Money or Joe Rogan podcasts from 5 years ago, they’ll still have sponsorships for some now defunct companies. With "dynamic ads" a podcaster will be able to place a spot in their podcast for updated ads.....so even if you listen to old episodes, you'll only hear updated and new advertisements.

    This would make it FAR EASIER for people to buy advertising on podcasts on a large scale, rather than strike individual deals with individual podcasters for each advertisement.




    state of copywriting live video logo

    Live Video:

    Live Video can mean stuff like Facebook Live and Periscope, where you use your phone to record video and it's live-broadcasted to anyone who wants to watch.

    Live Video Pro's:

    • The technology to pull out a pocket sized video camera and instantly stream high quality video to a gigantic audience is ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. This was not even in people's wildest dreams 10 or 20 years ago.

    • Whenever there's been major disasters or events, people start live streaming, so first hand accounts of the action travels instantly across the world.

    • Live video has essentially allowed people to do a "webinar" at anytime, without any of the hassle of a traditional webinar.

    • Platforms such as Facebook Live Video can be used as a substitute to traditional webinars, and get a TON of comments/shares/likes.

    • I think live video is a great avenue for recording content at a moments notice. If you want to do an interview, instead of arranging for a fancy recording, you can record from your phone and broadcast to the world instantly.


    Live Video Con's:

    • Generally the production quality of a live video isn't super high.

    • Because there's no editing going on, videos can be longer and more rambling than a well produced video.

    • Since live videos are generally on social platforms like Facebook, there's a helluvalot of distractions to the user. This means people might tune in for a few seconds or minutes before skipping out and clicking some way more interesting cat video. Whereas traditional webinars tend to retain a very large amount of people till the very end, live videos generally lose people very quickly.


    2018 Live Video Course Of Action:

    There was a glut of people diving in and doing live videos all the time, but many of them stopped because whilst the "noise" generated (likes/shares/comments) was high, it didn't often lead to sales.

    Also a well-produced video can often live a longer life (3-5 years) than a shabbily done selfie live video.

    However, I think live video is here to stay, will continue to get better, and is still a fantastic (and low cost) part of a marketing toolkit.






    Dang....those are some pretty good answers. A long time ago I stopped trying to re-invent the wheel in marketing stuff, and came up with a concept call, "JUST COPY WHATEVER NOAH DOES."

    I think this would be good advice for others too :)

    Thanks for the answers Noah!



    Super interesting insights. Especially breaking up content to be native on each platform, and keeping the traffic there.

    Thanks for the insights Sam!



    I will be following this advice myself.

    Thanks for the answers Nate!



    That last one is more of a person goal than a marketing goal, although it sounded pretty important so I left that one in :)

    Thanks for the answers Tucker!




    Desirable Skills and Trends for 2018:

    What I'm talking about here is what's buzzing at the moment.

    In my sphere, here's what I see:

    • BitCoin

    • Crypto Currency

    • Virtual Reality

    • Augmented Reality

    What I didn't expect was HOW MUCH larger the term "BitCoin" was over any of those other topics:



    I think the interest in crypto currencies is because:

    1.) It has to do with MONEY. Something everyone wants more of.

    2.) There are these crazy stories about teenagers buying BitCoin and becoming millionaires, or people bulldozing garbage dumps to find their old hard drive with their old BitCoin keys. These stories are like movie-worthy!

    3.) Anyone can buy a crypto currency in 2 seconds online. Whereas stuff like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality require expensive hardware and lots of clunky software to experience it correctly.

    4.) It's highly likely a form of crypto currency will become the standard for nearly every country in the future.

    5.) There's going to be a metric ass-ton of people promoting bullshit crypto products and "opportunities" soon, and this will likely drive up hype. Currently since there is pretty much zero regulation on this industry, technically these people aren't doing anything illegal.

    If you run an obvious "Pump and Dump" scam in the stock market, you can get caught for illegal activity.

    If you run an obvious "Pump and Dump" scam on some "coin" you invented, technically you've done nothing illegal (yet).

    I'm sure there's going to continue to be a crazy amount of coverage on this subject in the near future.

    However one of the CLEAR things I can see happening in the near future is the augmentation of learning, gaming, and work through forms of augmented reality.

    I'm not sure EXACTLY how this will take place, but I've seen verrrryyyy strong evidence and proof that it's happening.

    -Nolan Bushnell said at VR conference I went to: "I believe when the "Ready Player One" movie comes out, it will be the first time the general publish sees the power of virtual Reality."

    -Here's my notes from a Robert Scoble presentation about AR: [Image of notes]

    -I visited the Apple Spaceship campus and they had the most awesome AR demo I've ever seen. Now the current version you have to view through an iPad, but eventually this functionality will be on your face in the form of glasses.

    (I took a video also, but it was crap quality compared to this).








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    President Neville N. Medhora



    P.S. What did YOU see work (or NOT work) in 2017? Leave a comment below!

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    A little early, but Pinterest worked surprisingly well for my coffee themed blog. I quit FB ads and concentrated on Pinterest. Pretty happy with the results so far. That and good commenting/sharing on other related blogs.
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    Guest Martin Boeddeker


    Since I already spend a good amount of time reading this post, I guess I can leave a comment as well.

    One thing that is currently getting traction and (kindof) replacing emails is Facebook Messenger Bots. Instead of subscribing to emails you subscribe to a bot that allows the owner to send messages on scale.

    Never tried it though, I will focus on email for now.

    Link to comment
    Guest Neville


    Interesting! Care to share any links to your blog or Pinterest page?

    I personally haven't experimented too heavily with Pinterest because the copywriting subject matter tends to not perform crazy well on there.

    HOWEVER, more visual things (maybe such as coffee ;) tend to do really well!

    Link to comment
    Guest Neville


    Hey Martin, I would disagree and say that messenger bots are actually doing worse than advertised (I've seen first hand evidence).

    There are SOME instances where messenger bots work, like just delivering a quick download, but the unsubscribe rates are SKY HIGH when you try to push articles and promotions to people.

    Some other issues with Messenger Bots:

    1.) When you push a promotion via email, the subscriber can check it at their own discretion. With a messenger bot you interrupt people. This is also why text message notifications are only for small notifications, not pushing promotions at people.

    2.) With bots you still don't control the customers information, you're just accessing them through Facebook still.

    With all the results I've seen so far, most people aren't using Messenger Bots in their current form as their primary customer collection method. However I'm sure in the future there could be some changes, but for now I haven't seen enough evidence to convince me otherwise.

    Great suggestion Martin!

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    Would you say that BitCoin/Crypto Currency is a lucrative niche for content creators to focus on? It's an idea I've been toying with as of lately.

    Far as LinkedIn goes, I agree! It seems to be in the early stages of a lucrative boom and I'm hearing a lot of freelance copywriters are using it as a lead generation to gain more clients. So, it's something I definitely need to sink my teeth into as I find other social media platforms just damn saturated.

    Thanks Neville.

    Link to comment
    Guest Martin Boeddeker



    I guess you are 100% right. You can screw up with messenger bots much faster than with emails and still don't own the information. But I think it will grow a lot in 2018 nonetheless.

    Probably it's because I've only seen one example doing this right. (Josh Fletcher)

    Besides that I'm quite careful with subscribing to anything. Only exception was your newsletter yesterday because you said somewhere that's the best way to contact you.

    Unfortunately it somehow took too long and I was sending the email anyway. When reading the newsletter I even thought that was your reply because my pitch sucked so bad.

    Still have to learn how to send proper outreach emails. :D

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    Guest Neville


    Hey Carmen!

    I think crypto currency is a super valuable niche at the moment since there's a ton of hype around it.

    HOWEVER, it's like anything:

    The people who will do best publishing crypto stuff, are the popular, experienced, or consistent people in the field.

    There's also a bunch of crypto stuff out there already such as CoinDesk already that you'd be competing with.

    As a small test, why don't you try publishing a few articles on crypto yourself this week, and see how you like it? Give it a try!

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    I have a few articles in mind that's focused on beginners since the other published, well established content is focused on an audience who is deep in the bitcoin game and therefore, might be too complex for people who are just learning about bitcoin.

    Since interest is skyrocketing and people want questions answered in a simple and layman way, there's a possible untapped market and competition fires me up, lol.

    I'll definitely give it a small test run!

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    Guest Neville


    Awesome, give it a whirl!

    To promote it, you can send out a message to your current Facebook (or any other social) friends telling them you've broken down in a simple way how BitCoin or crypto currencies work.

    You'll learn really fast if it's fun for you, or you're not super interested :)

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    FB both didn't work and did work for me in 2017.

    FB ads = epic fail.

    But groups are a different story... What I saw working was getting more personal on FB, like creating Groups and then just talking to the audience, providing value (I know, it sounds corny, but it's working!).

    Sadly, here in Asia companies don't understand that you can provide value and benefit from it. Building a community, and getting more personal, is like black magic to them.

    I've seen things from community managers using fake FB profiles to ideas of spamming customers in the US with SMSes cuz email opening rates were too low...

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    Excellent stuff Neville. I've personally experienced an explosion on LinkedIn in just the past week or so. Really exciting times to be using the platform. Interested to see how you utilise it in 2018. Good luck, and here's to an awesome 2018.
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    As always, you never fail to amuse and inform at the same time, Neville.

    I haven't tried doing long-form posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, but now I'm re-thinking my decision of not doing so. Also, since I spent a good deal of time reading the whole copy, I've read the comments too and was surprised about your take about Messenger Bots. It's gaining some hype nowadays, I agree. But if done right, it might not be much of a disaster. Somebody in my circle even coined the term 'Chatbot copywriter' in reference to Facebook Messenger bots getting traction in the future and how copywriters can make a big change in doing responses.

    Overall, I've come to rethink my ideas of using some platforms (like Medium, Twitter and Instagram to name a few) and would like to focus on giving more love to my LinkedIn and Facebook account.

    Facebook groups are a different story by the way. People probably get the most engagement when they're inside social communities like Facebook groups, which is the reason why I engage with groups the most. My emails could do better and I might experiment a few things with it.

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    I'm up to my eyeballs in work...

    As usual, I took the time to look over your email/post. You have packed a lot of great/useful information into this.

    I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!

    All the best,


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    Solid insights, Neville.

    Love the look at LinkedIn.

    Here's my predicament. How do I handle using LinkedIn to promote my side hustle without bombing my "career"?

    Thank you kindly for posting this killer collection. -Matt

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    Guest January


    I literally fell down at your Google+ review lol. I think Pinterest is good for image seo.

    One thing I've seen to work really well this year is facebook groups. Instagram also but you have to be good at conversion too.

    Oh and I've subscribed to a few push notifications also. It's easy for me the consumer. Any thoughts on it?

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    Guest barbara berger


    great article! It was just suggested to me to make use of Manychat for my concept...I will ask the question in Office Hours...but the use is to create a Boosted Post or Ad on FB and instead of steering the User straight to a Landing Page...to steer them to Manychat first for future/further ability to communicate.

    Lots to Learn!

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    Guest Eddy Baller


    These are not the droids you are looking for....because messenger bots didn't do it for me in 2017.

    My Google business listing seemed to be the biggest winner in terms of bringing in paying customers. Reviews and business details are all listed, and it attracts targeted searches for people who already want the service.

    They added a posting feature too which shows stats, and can help to stand out from the other Google business listing. I noticed my competitors didn't use this feature at all.

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    You mentioned that everyone at Oculus Rift is required to read "Ready Player One".

    I suggest that we all read it before its theatrical release,... http://www.imdb.com/list/ls053181649/videoplayer/vi2794633241

    That stated, AR & VR will start, IMHO, to make much bigger inroads into the main stream.

    I have a friend whose in this biz and I am looking forward to working with him.

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    Nothing in 2017 worked for me. However, allow me to elaborate: I didn't do anything in 2017.

    While I started a FB Group, a new website (LMS style) and began building what will eventually be a world-toppling empire, I haven't gone public yet. So for me, there is no current need for ads, FB long posts, and I (like you) have no use on Pinterest, G+, Instagram or even SnapChat.

    I do, however, have some thoughts on 2018 and I think it is going to be a big year for out-of-the-box thinkers. I mean, right at this moment if we can think it, it has already been done... Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Twitter, etc., etc... I feel that there is something big waiting to be unleashed and it is going to come totally out of left field.

    I wish I could tell you what it is (Hell, I would be working on it right now) but I have been asking myself that question since 1996: "What does the Internet need that it doesn't have?" And I always come up with nothing and then three months later we have something new and I think "Fuck, I should have thought of that last year"

    I am the type that will come up with a share button on a porn site... who needs that crap? Though, the really big thing of 2018, I feel, is going to be something we haven't thought of yet. Aside from email, as that will always remain king.

    Perhaps we need some sort of mobile app/desktop integration? Like a service that will link all of your mobile apps to your computer so when you are working from your desk, you don't have to keep going back to your phone to see what the notifications are? That would be nice. Geofence that bitch so when I place my phone next to my laptop the phone shuts down and everything pops up on my computer screen. I'd go for that.

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    Guest Rohi Shetty


    Awesome, Neville.

    I almost joined a $2000 course on chatbots a few months ago but better sense prevailed. I agree that chatbot marketing is yet to be proved to be better than email marketing.

    I'm going to focus on Facebook groups in 2018. That and email marketing.

    Happy Holiday in advance.

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    "I am the type that will come up with a share button on a porn site… who needs that crap?"


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    That's a real risk. I failed at this and now my side hustle is my full-time job.

    I was always planning to transition into full-time at some point but when my boss found out about it, he panicked and showed me the door. :-/

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    Great post. Thank you for the detailed insight into the different platforms.

    What do you think about LinkedIn video? I see very little in that regard and it seems to be a real opportunity that I'm going to pursue in the coming months.

    Also, do you think videos need captioning? When I'm on my phone, the sound is always muted and I only pay attention to the videos with captioning (unless it's just a cat video or something). It's a lot more time consuming to make the videos if that's the case. I want engagement but I also want to be able to produce and post quickly. Is there an app for that? I bet there is.

    Thanks again!

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    Guest Aaron Pinkham


    Love reading your stuff Nev. Always puts a smile on my face!

    I agree with the LinkedIn post, it seems to have changed recently for sure. Only downer is the Haiku style posts that are all over it at the moment. “I was struggling and blind, but now I see, shitty info product or Amazon affiliate etc etc”. But otherwise it’s really upped its game!

    Totally agree with the podcasts too, I listen to:

    Planet Money

    Fresh Air

    Dan Savage

    Tim Ferris(although some of his long form ones are trying)

    Noah of course!

    And a bit of Pat Flynn if I want to hear someone mega enthusiastic!

    Keep up the awesomeness!

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